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Vladimir Voloshin: for me any start is a goal

For the first time in the history of competitions within the XVII World Class Games named after Dmitry Zhirnov, a race will be held In one breath. Confident runners will try to cover the half marathon distance. And everyone can choose a distance to their liking - 10 km, 1 km and even 500 m.

When: June 2, 2018 from 07:00 to 13: 35.

Where: Moscow, Poklonnaya Gora park, entrance from the station. m. Victory Park.

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One of the race participants, Vladimir Voloshin - General Director of Newman Business Consulting, leader of SKOLKOVO Triathlon Team, co-founder of the international sports project IRONSTAR TRIATHLON.

- I hope a large number of people will take part in this race, in particular, participants and representatives of various World Class clubs from all over the country. I think that it will not be just a race, but a meeting of friends and, of course, a struggle for high results and good rewards.

- Why do you think it is important not just to run, for example, in a park for yourself , but to take part in such events?
- Competitions are the goal. Having a purpose in life greatly influences your attitude to sports and training. For me, any start is a goal. Of course, the more ambitious the goal, the more important discipline, regular workout attendance, work on mistakes.

- What advice can you give to people who want to take part, but have doubts?
- In no case should you doubt your abilities. People are often reinsured, do not believe, but in fact, such a start is an opportunity to try their hand at a person in absolutely any physical form. Completely different people take part in the race. Some may even be competing for the first time. Therefore, if suddenly you have a great desire to take part - come and run! If you have a great desire, but you are afraid, then come as a volunteer. This is also encouraged. It is important to feel the atmosphere of this event and be inside it. The most important thing is to be on the site and be either among the support or among the participants. I would be incredibly happy to see a lot of people from both sides. Don't be afraid.


The fitness tournament itself, within which the race will take place, is dedicated to one of the club's first instructors and professional cycling coach Dmitry Zhirnov. Everyone will be able to take part in it, and the club members will be able to demonstrate their strengths in team and individual sports. This year's program includes 21 disciplines, including classic running, TRP norms, tennis and table tennis. Furthermore,This year, Indoor Triathlon, SwimRun, Sup Race and Powerlifting have been added to the list of usual disciplines.

Vladimir Voloshin: for me any start is a goal

The city is running: take part in the race from the Championship and World Class

23 days left until the end of registration.

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