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Victoria Shubina: the work of a coach is a big responsibility

In the sports language of amateur triathletes, the phrase you are lucky can be safely translated as Shubina smiled at you. Choosing a good coach and mentor on the way to your first IRONMAN is really a big deal. I met Vika back in April at a training session at the World Class Club City of Capitals and it took me three months to decide to become a part of the most beautiful and strong team in preparation for the #IronShubaBaby triathlon.

At each training session and in personal communication you discover something new for yourself, but the same how and why are always spinning in your head. Why, and most importantly how, such a petite and so feminine Vika Shubina overcame 5 IRONMAN distances? On the way to open water swimming training, we were able to talk about the first sports hobby, the conscious choice of triathlon, the right attitude, and most importantly about the constant desire to live in motion.

Victoria Shubina: the work of a coach is a big responsibility

Photo: From the personal archive of Victoria Shubina

- Vika, where did the sport in your life begin?
- If you start from some point, the sport in my life began in the first grade, when Lyudmila Filippovna Zhuravleva, my first coach, came to our school. She was a speed skating coach and recruited girls to her section. I was very small and thin then, and she did not pay any attention to me. And she turned to my friend Natasha Yakovleva, Natasha was a cut above, and she was invited to the first lesson. I am not here, I am out. It was offensive, but I was a very impudent child (smiles) and said that since she is my friend, she will not go anywhere without me. This is how I got into the speed skating team. And Natasha, by the way, did not like it and then she did not go to training.

- What was that very significant first training session?
- I remember that we then came to the sports school on the open day doors, now I can't even believe what it was: I'm talking about the sports school, and about some open doors (smiles). We went to the shooting. We were taught there to disassemble and assemble a pistol - it was very exciting. And then we went to a training session with Lyudmila Filippovna, who invited us. First, we ran very quickly and overtook the girls who train there ... then these girls ran past us with a proud look. This, of course, greatly humiliated my dignity.

- How did your parents react to your choice?
- In the evening, when I returned home, my parents met me at the door, because that they did not know where the child had gone. At that time I was very much afraid that I would get it for this, so I very quickly began to tell them that I had chosen a section for myself and was in the sports school. Then my dad sat me on a chair and my parents told me: Choose. If you want to be psychologically stable, go shooting. If you want a horse sport, go skating (laughs) . Then I chose skates and started training.

- In skating, did you immediately train for the result?
- FirstI didn’t do it seriously, I didn’t do much. In winter, skating, I felt like a bear on the ice. In skaters, the shape of the skate itself is very specific, they are different, long. So I gradually lost interest and almost stopped going to training. And at that moment when I almost left the section, Lyudmila Filippovna called my parents and said that she had one place in the sports camp in the summer, my parents agreed and they took me to the sports camp. From there it all already started. In the sports camp I was completely knocked out.

Victoria Shubina: the work of a coach is a big responsibility

Photo: From the personal archive of Victoria Shubina

- What happened in the camp?
- There was everything that I love: general physical training, running, constant training. Besides, I won something there, they hung a medal around my neck, which finally won my heart. Since then, I started to train more consciously. Perhaps there were no crazy heights, but in my team I was a leader and this is a fact. Later I even fulfilled a candidate for master of sports.

- How long did speed skates stay in your life?
- I was engaged in them almost until the last grades in school. This is actually a very long period of my life, in which there were many turning points. For example, when I was in very good shape, I suddenly fell ill with hepatitis and went to the hospital, and all the guys went to train at a sports camp. I took out the brain to the doctors and blew up the hospital, it seems to me that they were so happy the day I was discharged. Due to illness during that period, I recovered, it was just a transitional age. It was a lot of stress for me, because I always trained a lot and was tiny, I was even called a pocket child.

- How did you return to the team?
- It was It was very difficult, I returned there, slowly recovered, trained with myself and, when I reached the same level, made all my rivals, I calmed down and somehow let go of this sport, because then the institute began.

- Do you think that if I chose the sport a little later, not in the first grade, it would be something different?
- I absolutely don’t think about it, I lived amazing moments in skating. It was a very serious experience. On the one hand, teamwork, on the other hand, the first stories with leadership, because it was very important for me to be a little ahead, to be special. Then it became clear that I was very able to work. Everyone could eat blueberries in the forest, but Shubina ran the cross, because I needed a result and I worked for it.

Victoria Shubina: the work of a coach is a big responsibility

Photo : From the personal archive of Victoria Shubina

- Did your sports history continue at the institute?
- I entered the Lensovet Technological Institute, began to study as a chemist-technologist ... There were already a lot of different sports at the institute: I ran, and swam, andanimated. Everywhere I was given food stamps (smiles) , and therefore I was a very popular person. You understand, the nineties, perestroika, it was very hungry, and I fed these coupons to my entire institute group. Thus, she met her first husband. He simply could not resist: think for yourself, the girl herself does not cook, but she has a lot of coupons (smiles) .

- What other stages were in your life ? What was Vika Shubina like at different periods of her life?
- I have a favorite phrase: You are who you want to be today. Who cares who you were. I do not consider myself a skater now, a lot of time has passed. Now I am doing something completely different and in between I had a lot of different stages: I was quite seriously fond of dancing, received a second higher education related to sports, taught physical education at a technical school on Rustaveli Street in St. Petersburg. I still remember it was cool. Then I became a trainer at the fitness center because that was my dream. Then I was very interested in aerobics, step, dance directions.

- I can't fit in my head, tell us about your hobby for dancing?
- Then everyone asked me: Vika, what kind of dance education ?. I answered everyone that there was nothing, and continued to dance, because I really liked it. Naturally, I spent a lot of time training and preparing my dance master classes. Then I got carried away separately belly-dance and for three years I was actively involved, taught, went to conventions. People bought tickets to come and dance with me. It was so great!

- And what happened after the dancing?
- Then there was yoga, I was very fond of it. I went to India, studied some basics. It cannot even be called a separate hobby, over time it all became parallel stories in my life.

Victoria Shubina: the work of a coach is a big responsibility

- Why yoga?
- Yoga seemed very interesting to me. I took up yoga for myself, for my health, for my body. Because I began to understand that somewhere something was going wrong: it starts to hurt, it fails, so I had to somehow react to it. Then I discovered yoga. There are really a lot of interesting things in yoga: stretching, breathing practices and a sea of ​​opportunities to hear yourself, restore inner balance.

- How has yoga influenced your outlook now?
- Now I understand that strength is in balance. I really like this word. Because the laws in all their manifestations - work, personal life, social sphere and the laws that work inside our body are very similar. To me, as a chemical technologist, this is obvious. Have you seen an atom? All of its connections are like a small universe. For me, the human body is very multifaceted, it consists of thousands of micro-universes that need balance.

- What does balance look like in sports?
- At some point, I realized , what ifyou will only develop in yoga, then you will develop one thing. You will become flexible, physically and mentally. If you only practice endurance sports, then your cardiovascular system will certainly feel very good, but the body or muscles will begin to suffer. Probably, this concentration on one thing always develops us only from one side. If we want to be functional, then there must be development for strength, endurance, and flexibility. It's obvious to me now.

Victoria Shubina: the work of a coach is a big responsibility

Photo: From the personal archive of Victoria Shubina

- How has your attitude to sports, health, and the training approach changed recently?
- From the latter, I noticed in myself that the psyche was added to physics. I began to pay attention to the fact that one cannot consider any physical qualities without due attention to the nervous system and psyche. Everything is so interconnected that sometimes trying to solve some questions about physical fitness, but not working with your head, you will just waste your time.

- What does the work of a coach look like? What is it like?
- The work of a coach is a big responsibility. I'll tell you a story. At one time I was conducting group classes in St. Petersburg, I worked a lot and there could be up to 20 workouts in a week. Naturally, I also ate a lot then, I needed energy. And somehow, after one of the workouts, I went to a cafe near work. I ask the girl: Can I please have five pies (they were small there) and tea ... two teas. The girl looks at me and says: Are you with you? I answer: Why go with me? Here. She looked at me so indignantly and said: Actually, I train with you. The situation is comic, I find it very funny, I turn to her and say: Well then, let's take three with you. In fact, you won't remember everyone in group training, so you have to follow yourself everywhere, the coach is also a public person.

- What was the period when you decided to run your first IRONMAN?
- It was in 2009 or 2010. During that period, I had so much energy and so much desire to go into motion. Perhaps it was some kind of escape from myself, but it saved me then. And the story turned out to be very simple: a client in the World Class Krestovsky club approached me in the club, who asked me to help prepare for the triathlon. I became very interested and I agreed to help him, we began to prepare together. And we flew to those very first competitions together.

- What was your first start?
- When we arrived at the first competition, I had a support group from my students, clients of the Krestovsky Island club, who came to cheer for me. They brought a red Mercedes, on which it was written: Vika Shubina is the champion! I was insanely scared then, because I did not understand why they did it. Everyone then walked around and asked: Whois this Vika Shubina and why is she a champion? (laughs). And I started, at each stage I asked myself the question: What am I doing here? It was very hard and scary for me. In the water, someone hit my lip with a hand. Then, on the run, I rubbed both feet into the blood. But I ran, in a hurry, because all my life it seemed to me that I was running slowly. And in the end I became the first among girls, and in the overall standings among men I became the seventh. I stood on the podium and realized that I wanted more. Then it was a sprint in the forest and that someday I would be able to do a long IRONMAN, I could not even imagine.

Victoria Shubina: the work of a coach is a big responsibility

Photo: From the personal archive of Victoria Shubina

- Could you imagine then in the first grade what you would be like now?
- Probably not, I couldn't. Although, of course, I always wanted to be some kind of special, probably this is the desire of most people. It was always in me, but then I did not think about it. Then I had only one thought: to defeat these girls who are sitting opposite (smiles) . And I did it because I worked hard and worked hard. Anyway, a person can get everything he can think of. If it doesn't work, then you want to suck!

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