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Victims of Marketing. How do manufacturers of useful products deceive us?

It turns out that even the most seemingly useful product can contain anything. You need to pay attention not to the appearance of the product, but to its composition. However, it can also cheat.


We are used to the fact that yogurt is a good for digestion. This is true if it is natural. But today in stores there is a huge amount of yoghurts of different brands that look like real ones. The key word is look. Have you seen yoghurts in stores that say: yoghurt product, yoghurt dessert, yoghurt-based product, etc.? These are all tricks of inventive manufacturers. Such products most often do not contain anything living, because they are heat treated. Real yogurt should contain beneficial bacteria, not pieces of milk chocolate, cookies, or strawberry mousse with cream. Artificial additives add flavor, but can be dangerous for people with individual intolerances. If you want the benefits, not all sugar and preservatives, then you don't need to look at the packaging.

Victims of Marketing. How do manufacturers of useful products deceive us?


How to find real yogurt?

  • Title. Yogurt and only yogurt. Signed products such as a yoghurt shake or yoghurt product should be avoided. The same goes for the words strawberry, blueberry, peach and others. There is no benefit in such fruit fillings, because manufacturers often replace natural berries and fruits with colors and flavors. If you want to eat yogurt with real strawberries, read the ingredients or add it yourself.
  • Composition. Whole milk, cream, whey, natural additives (pieces of fruit) and live bacteria (yoghurt starter) must be included in the composition. The inscription is made on the basis of live and active yoghurt cultures and guarantees the absence of the listed ingredients. If the energy value of the product (without additives) is more than 70 Kcal, then it contains more sugar than needed.
  • Shelf-life. Natural yoghurt will last up to two weeks in the refrigerator.
Victims of Marketing. How do manufacturers of useful products deceive us?

Expensive vs Cheap. Budget replacement for expensive PP foods

You can eat right at no great expense.

Sugar-free foods

There are many reasons to avoid sugar. This product is definitely not useful for those trying to lose weight or undergoing treatment for various diseases - both factors require adherence to a diet. Or for those who have diabetes.

Victims of Marketing. How do manufacturers of useful products deceive us?


However, even in diabetic products (for example, in bars), manufacturers manage to add, if not sugar in the literal sense of the word, then no less harmful components. Nutritionist and nutritionist Anna Berseneva spoke about this on her Instagram.

Anna: No matter how sad it is to admit it, many manufacturers useuse the image of a healthy food product as a marketing tool. And this is very, very bad. Even if the packaging, according to all the laws of the genre, screams Sugar Free !, we check. And we can find a lot of interesting things in the composition. Unfortunately, in the most negative aspect. Some of the most dangerous ingredients for a diabetic bar: glucose syrup and glucose, fructose syrup and fructose, invert syrup.

Victims of Marketing. How do manufacturers of useful products deceive us?

List of products, which will help replace sugar. And with health benefits!

It turns out that syrups are the best substitutes for sugar.


Cheese-like products are found in stores under the guise of cheese. Instead of milk fat, vegetable fat is added to such products to save money. For example, palm or coconut fat is one and a half times cheaper than milk fat. Manufacturers of fake cheeses often write that their product is made according to GOST. This way the product sells better. But this is not the cheese we want on our table.

Victims of Marketing. How do manufacturers of useful products deceive us?


How to distinguish cheese from cheese product?

  • Title. Cheese should be written on the package, not a combined product, a product made from cheese, made using cheese technology, and the like. These names have nothing to do with real cheese.
  • Composition. According to GOST, cheese may contain natural milk, cream, bacterial starter cultures and beneficial enzymes (of animal origin). It should not contain any vegetable fats, harmful additives, flavors, dyes and enzyme preparations of microbial origin. In general, the rule works for any product: the shorter the composition, the more useful the product.
  • Price. Good cheese doesn't come cheap. According to Roskontrol, the minimum retail price for natural cheese is 420 rubles / kg. This is due to the cost of milk fat. In the store, this cheese is more expensive because of the extra charge, about 600 rubles / kg. To reduce the cost, manufacturers use milk powder (GOST allows the addition of whole or skim milk) and milk fat substitutes. The most dangerous is beef fat.
Victims of Marketing. How do manufacturers of useful products deceive us?

Top 10 high-calorie foods that can be in the fridge

Interestingly, not all of them harmful.

Glazed curds

Glazed curds are often given to children instead of curd. It seems like a healthy, tasty and inexpensive snack. However, in terms of nutritional value, it is closer to confectionery. One cheese contains on average three teaspoons of sugar and 25% fat. Even the signature made according to GOST does not guarantee the quality.

Victims of Marketing. How do manufacturers of useful products deceive us?


There is GOST, but there is no GOST

Roskontrol has established that there is more than necessary in five glazed cheese curds of seven yeast, and found sorbino prohibited by GOSTacid. You should not trust the labeling either, because in the most allegedly dietary products, the fat content of the curd mass does not correspond to the declared one. In the curds with the inscription GOST, starch was found, which cannot be used to make curd curds. By the way, it was not indicated in the composition.

Not chocolate, but fat glaze

Curd cheese in milk chocolate - just the name. You can write anything to sell a product. Of course, there are bona fide manufacturers who cover glazed curd cakes with real chocolate. However, they will definitely indicate this in the composition. More often, glazed curds are called chocolate, caramel and other tasty names, and they are covered with confectionery or fat glaze. And it's good if it is written in the composition.

How to choose cheese?

Buy cheese curds without scary words on the label and with a fat content of about 10%, or better give preference to cottage cheese with natural sweeteners.

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