Vic Wilde and Alena Zavarzina: love that has no boundaries

This love story seems to be copied from a beautiful film: from acquaintance to the present. Two famous snowboarders from different countries have turned their relationship into a fairy tale that sports fans never stop admiring. Therefore, today, on Valentine's Day, we decided to tell about it.

“Romeo and Juliet” of modern snowboarding: who are they?

Alena Zavarzina (28 years old): Russian snowboarder.

Performs in parallel giant slalom, parallel slalom and snowboard cross. She is the bronze medalist of the 2014 Olympic Games, the 2011 world champion, the winner of the World Cup stages, the medalist of the junior world championships in snowboarding, as well as the honored master of sports of Russia.

Vic Wilde (31): Russian snowboarder of American origin.

Since 2014 - Honored Master of Sports of Russia. He is a two-time Olympic champion (the only snowboarder who won two gold medals at the same Games and the only representative of the Russian national snowboard team in history to win Olympic gold), a bronze medalist at the 2013 World Championship, a 2013 Russian champion in parallel giant slalom, and a silver medalist at the US Championship , medalist and winner of the North American Cup stages, medalist of the World Cup stages.

How it all began ?

A close acquaintance of the athletes happened during the 2010-2011 season, namely at the World Cup in Moscow. They met on the morning of March 5, during Vik's training on Vorobyovy Gory. Alena helped him get comfortable on the slope, despite the fact that in early spring, the snowboarder began rehabilitation after a knee injury, so she had to go to the clinic every day for procedures. The recovery proceeded rapidly. The girl not only walked on the ice on her own, without crutches, but also, risking her career, trained her lover. Of course, the couple did not have a classic relationship: they lived in different countries and devoted a lot of time to training. So the athletes tried to come up with something.

Not a romantic trip

When everything was just beginning, Vic suggested that Alena go to his father's in a car to Mexico. It was a long trip, six thousand miles by car. Not every girl can agree to this, and not every man dares to offer such a thing. But this couple does not care! Alena was delighted and admitted that she had dreamed about it all her life. We can say that this particular trip became a harbinger of an imminent wedding.

Later, when the decision it was decided to get married, Vic began to learn Russian in order toTo better understand the family of your bride. He worked hard, spent six hours a day studying and learned a lot of new words.

Provincial wedding

The wedding of the snowboarders in love took place in Alena's hometown, Novosibirsk. Even the traditional for Russia ransom of the bride took place, which went by all the rules. Vic paid for his bride with Alyonka chocolates. The wedding ceremony itself was also traditionally Russian, that is, in the registry office with the registrar and relatives.

Closer to your beloved

About a year after the wedding, Vik received Russian citizenship and has been successfully playing for the Russian national team ever since. At first, the athletes moved together to the USA, to Vic's homeland, but for several years now they have been living and training in Moscow.

Vic and Alena appear at events together, go in for sports and travel together. Now even distance cannot separate them. And we admire, looking at them, and rejoice in sincere sports love!

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