What does the diet of an Olympic athlete look like?

Very tasty: what do famous athletes eat and why don't they get fat?

The figures of many famous athletes can only be envied. But what if going to the gym does not bring such results, and summer is already on the heels? Perhaps it's all about nutrition, but don't be in a hurry to blame yourself for every bite you eat. In the kitchens of the Olympic champions, too, there were quite a few skeletons in the refrigerator.

Irina Slutskaya

The figure skater has long made it a rule to share simple pp-recipes with her subscribers. Pancakes, cheesecakes, liver cake - on the world champion's Instagram you can find dishes for every taste.

Irina does not hide her addiction to not very correct food. For example, here's a recipe for your favorite puff pastry pies with turkey and eggs.

Alexander Ovechkin

But the famous hockey player prefers healthy food to harmful, but tasty. Therefore, he does not hesitate to publish mouth-watering photos, causing increased salivation in followers.

Angelica Timanina

French breakfast is the best on Earth, according to the Russian synchronized swimmer. Let's not argue, it looks very appetizing. Croissants, of course, are not the most dietary dish, but Timanina's main secret is her daily activities and tens of kilometers of hiking trails.

The Olympic champion prefers seafood for lunch and dinner. Their protein contains relatively few calories and has a high nutritional value.

Semyon Varlamov

The dinner of champions for Semyon looks like this. Protein and fiber is what a real winner needs. And the subscribers in the comments even counted the calorie content. We're not really sure what is true.

Maria Sharapova

Maria expresses her love for almond croissants in a photograph of the remaining piece. Apparently, the whole does not have time to capture. And we understand it perfectly.

Want some sweet too? Don't rush to the nearest bakery. There are also alternatives. For example, a wonderful cake without sugar, gluten and milk, like a tennis player's table.

Elena Isinbaeva

Desserts can also be healthy, tasty, and most importantly, low-calorie. Elena was fortunate enough to taste chia seeds with berries in coconut milk. And she clearly needs this unusual thing

Karolina Sevastyanova

Karolina has repeatedly said that after the end of her sports career, she began to eat everything and gained weight. Now the girl diligently maintains her slim body not only with sports, but also with proper nutrition. He prefers berries, fruits and fresh juices to heavy and fatty foods.

Yana Kudryavtseva

Household and family Yana, it turns out, knows the secret recipe for that very crabsburger. And in the process of cooking he has a snack on onion chips. How does a gymnast manage to maintain an excellent figure even after the birth of her daughter? This is still a mystery to us.

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