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Velobike: how will cycling sharing in the capital change this year

Tomorrow, on April 29, the Velobike company will open a new, 5th in a row, bike rental season in the capital. 350 bike rental stations will start working at the same time from 8 am.

For its users, Velobike organizes a morning event dedicated to the opening of the season. There, bike lovers can get to know each other and spend time outdoors. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to test bicycles and receive a gift for it. In order to become a participant in the event and receive an invitation with the details of its holding, you need to send an email to [email protected] indicating your username at

In 2017, bike rental ...

Increased the number of stations. Now there will be 380 of them in Moscow. New stations will appear in the Western, Northern, Eastern, South-Eastern and South-Western districts of the capital. The number of stations is expected to increase by another 100 by the 2019 season.

Added 500 new bicycles. According to Velobike, this is not the limit. This expansion of the rental network will occur annually.

It has become safer. If previously the main threat to cyclists was car owners, now they are actively trying to solve this problem. New street layouts now have a specific width that is required to accommodate bike lanes.

Remained accessible to everyone. In order to use the bike rental services, you just need to register on the website. Moreover, this can be done both in the browser and through the mobile application. It is also possible to register through the terminal right at the rental station.

Still profitable. Three types of access to bicycles will be available to rental users: for a day, for a month and for a season, costing 150 , 600 and 1200 rubles, respectively. An unlimited number of trips not exceeding 30 minutes are included in the cost of each tariff. Otherwise, the user will have to pay the set rent.

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