Velobeat: cycle disco instead of boring fitness

Cycling is a perky mix of bike and dance that is rapidly gaining popularity among fans of interval training at the limit of its capabilities. In the company of incendiary trainers, favorite tracks, time flies unnoticed, extra centimeters disappear, and the heart becomes stronger. Music and combat #temptemp are the basis of the sports ideology of the Velobeat studio, the pioneers of cycle culture in Russia. Studio coaches, experts and motivators for a dozen people told the “Championship” about all the intricacies of cycling in a gym.

Historical background: New Zealander Phillip Mills came up with the idea of ​​combining dancing and exercise bikes in the 80s. The complex of high-intensity interval training itself was then called Les Mills, Phillip named it after his father Les Mills. The fashion for cycling was revived in 2006 by the popular American company SoulCycle. In a SoulCycle cycle studio, you don't have to try to overtake your neighbor on the cycle track, you just need to catch the pace and give your best to your favorite music.

Effectiveness : in just 45 minutes you can burn out 400 to 800 kcal, depending on training intensity and load. This makes cycling one of the most effective types of fitness in the cardio category and at the same time almost completely safe, unlike other types of running.

The video can be viewed on velobeat_russia's Instagram.

Training duration : if this is not a marathon or a PRO cycle, then a standard training session lasts 45 minutes.

Price issue : the first lesson is free. It is not necessary to buy a subscription. One-time workout - 800 rubles, 20 workouts - 14,000 rubles.

What are cycle trainings?


Class , where you can understand all the secrets of cycle and rhythm, learn what tap back is, and learn how to involve the whole body in work. Ideal for those who have long wanted to try their hand at cycling, but were afraid.

The video can be viewed on twitter at velobeat_russia.

Cycle '45

Classic class. 45 minutes of inspiration, music, energy and rhythm that unites everyone in one impulse - to get better, get stronger.

Cycle PRO

Advanced workout for those Those who have already mastered the key movements confidently keep a high rhythm and feel that they are ready to conquer new heights. For 15 minutes more music, choreography and fun.

Thematic classes

Pedaling to your favorite tracks and the main hits of pop, hip-hop or rock music. The duration of the class is 45 minutes - only the best and favorite hits!

Cycle 2x2

Twice more energy, drive and emotions - a double blow from two instructors will shake even the most opa nourishing fighter!

Cycle Marathon

90 minutes, tens of kilometers and crazy rhythms - the class will allow you to go to a completely new level, test yourself for strength and with satisfaction breathe at the finish: It's possible, and I did it!

Every workout includes a dumbbell block that engages the arms and upper body, and stretches.

Velobeat: cycle disco instead of boring fitness

Photo: Velobeat

How to track your progress?

It depends on the goals and objectives of the rider. If you need to reduce subcutaneous fat / lose weight / volume - here you can use ordinary scales and a centimeter and a photo to take before.

Tip : Before your first workout, take measurements of your waist, hips, front and back photos of yourself, and check them once a week. With quality workouts, the result will not be long in coming in a month.

You can approach this issue more professionally, do fitness testing, which will accurately show all the indicators of our body. It will indicate all the parameters and separately describe in detail how much muscle, water, fat and many other indicators are in our body.

Velobeat: cycle disco instead of boring fitness

Find out everything about your body. Fitness test. Special edition project

Fitness testing for every taste and budget, which will help you build a training program and make a nutrition plan.

If the goal is to become more enduring, work with the heart muscle, then here you have to use a heart rate monitor, which will more or less accurately show the work of our heart, workouts are recorded in it, and you can track progress by the average and maximum heart rate, as well as by heart rate in various training zones.

Velobeat: cycle disco instead of boring fitness

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Cons and pros of an advanced version of one of the best selling fitness bracelets in the world Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

How to dress for a workout cycling?

It is best to choose equipment that is comfortable for you and your body, ideally leggings, tight-fitting, but not restricting movement, the top can be either loose or tight. But you shouldn't feel any discomfort when moving. It is advisable that the clothes are moisture-wicking, as you will have to sweat a lot.

Velobeat: cycle disco instead of boring fitness

Photo: Velobeat

At the same time, you should feel like stars on the red carpet, because the appearance is + 100% to the strength! For example, the outfit of the Velobeat guys' trainers: leggings, shorts and a T-shirt, while girls usually prefer leggings and short sports tops.

In October 2017, the long-awaited second Cycle studio of the new format Velobeat. Learn more.

How to become a Velobeat Legend?

Velo Legendlobeat is a proud title held by nearly 200 riders. The path to this rank consists of 50 workouts. Moreover, from different workouts, from regular classes in 45 minutes to PRO classes - this is where you can really test your capabilities and strength of character.

Velobeat: cycle disco instead of boring fitness

Photo: Velobeat

After a rider has completed 50 workouts, he is presented with the Legend badge in a solemn atmosphere to a standing ovation from close-minded friends. But this is just the beginning! Since the next Gladiator and Velobeat Guru are waiting! For these titles you will have to work hard 100 and 200 workouts.

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