Anti aging diet treatment. Who ages faster Vegans or Meat Eaters?

Vegetarians or meat eaters: who is aging faster?

The debate about whether a person needs to eat meat, and indeed animal products in general, will probably never subside. But everyone chooses the lifestyle that is close to him. Many vegetarians believe that their diet has a positive effect on well-being and prolongs youth, but is this really so? To find out, we compared famous meat eaters and vegetarians of the same age.

Vegetarians or meat eaters: who is aging faster?

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Vegetarian Olivia Wilde (36)

Wilde has been following a vegetarian diet since he was 12, although he admits it’s not easy. Once she could afford seafood, and during her first pregnancy, she temporarily switched to meat food. Being a vegetarian is not always easy, but this lifestyle helps me look and feel better, the actress admits.

Another famous vegetarian, Alicia Silverstone, helped her to strengthen her belief in the correctness of such a diet. When they starred together in the movie Like Clockwork in North Carolina, it was quite difficult to get a vegetarian meal. But the actresses found a way out. Alicia cooked for me every day, and I felt the best possible way, ”Wilde recalls.

Meat Eater Lady Gaga (34)

Dressed in a bikini and a raw meat dress, the scandalous singer can't be vegetarian. Although vegetables and fruits still form the main part of Lady Gaga's diet, she eats enough seafood, poultry and lean red meat.

The girl adheres to a diet from the famous trainer Harley Pasternak 5 factors. She eats five times a day in small portions. Each meal contains five types of food: egg white, lean meat or fish, vegetables, healthy fats, and a low-calorie drink. The singer does not forget about regular sports - she has five workouts a week.

Nothing human is alien to Gaga, and sometimes she wants to pamper herself with fast food. Then the star finds a healthy alternative. For example, instead of big mac, he is enjoying turkey burgers, instead of regular fries, he is eating fried sweet potatoes.

Vegetarians or meat eaters: who is aging faster?

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Vegetarian Natalie Portman (39 years old)

For ethical reasons, the actress has completely eliminated animal products from her diet. As the star told in onem from an interview, she became a vegetarian at nine years old, after watching cartoons. Animals for her are not food, but the same creatures as people, capable of experiencing feelings and emotions.

Portman not only refused meat, but does not wear clothes made of leather and fur and is an ardent defender of rights animals. In 2009, she went even further and went vegan with Eating Animals.

This book opened her eyes to industrial animal husbandry. They hide a lot from us, people are condemned simply for what they say about this industry. American farmers have fallen prey to corporations who stuff millions of animals in small pens and keep them in appalling conditions. In addition, such farms increase environmental pollution, which leads to health problems, - says the actress.

During her first pregnancy, she temporarily returned to vegetarianism, because she felt the body's need for eggs and dairy products. But now both she and her two children are on a strict vegan diet, and her husband is a vegetarian.

Meat Eater Zooey Deschanel (40)

Deschanel was trying to be vegan when she found out she was allergic to wheat, eggs, dairy and soy. At first I thought it would be easy, because I already can't eat a bunch of products, but I only lasted six months. It is almost impossible to be a vegan with gluten intolerance, - the actress admitted.

Zoe sticks to proper nutrition, tries not to nibble and eat on a schedule. Her diet contains a lot of vegetables and various grains, but also includes meat, poultry and fish. We are told that there are healthier foods in the world, but it is still not easy to give up meat. Whether we want to eat less meat or not, in the end, we will have to look for an alternative, if only because the current livestock system is untenable, explains Deschanel his choice.

Vegetarians or meat eaters: who is aging faster?

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Vegetarian Pamela Anderson (53)

Anderson stopped eating meat at 13 when she saw her father cut off the head of a driven deer. She is a well-known protector of animals - she does not wear fur and leather, does not eat meat, dairy products and eggs.

At first I gave up meat - to be honest, I never liked its taste, and last of all - from dairy products, - says the model. According to her, after switching to vegetarianism, digestion, skin and hair condition, and overall well-being improved. The actress believes that animal products are simply not suitable for our body, and vegetarianism helps her to stay young.

Her favorite food isavocado, grapefruit, cucumber, pistachio, bread, and hummus. Anderson prefers rosé wine. Physical activity helps her stay in shape. However, the model replaces workouts in the gym with long walks on the beach and dancing.

Meat-eater Nicole Kidman (53)

Kidman has no prohibited foods - she even ate bugs in one TV show! I eat everything, but in moderation. When I go on a bus tour with my husband, I constantly eat junk food. I do not believe in giving up food, I try to follow the principle of 80% healthy food and 20% unhealthy. I find a balance that works for me, and I feel full of energy, ”she says.

Sports help the actress to keep herself in shape: she is seriously engaged in yoga and meditation. Jogging also plays an important role in Kidman's life - she loves to arrange jogging in the forest or on the beach. My parents ran marathons, so running has been a part of my life ever since I was a little girl, ”she said in an interview.

Vegetarians or meat eaters: who is aging faster?

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Vegetarian Michelle Pfeiffer (62)

Pfeiffer says no plastic surgery and is aging with her usual grace. However, age-related changes appear on the actress's face very slowly. She says it's all about her diet. I'm sure I look younger than my age thanks to my veganism. This is the healthiest diet that does not clog the body with toxins, which in turn accelerate aging. Soon after I switched to veganism, my skin improved markedly, the actress shares.

As the star said, it was difficult for her to give up carbohydrates, but not animal proteins - she never liked them before only ate meat because she considered it healthy. According to her, it was hard for the first few weeks, and then she got involved. Now Pfeiffer's vegan food even likes it.

Meat Eater Sharon Stone (62)

Star of the film Basic instinct and in the seventh decade retains a great shape. Partly due to sports, partly due to some restrictions on food. Stone does not eat canned foods, smoked meats, semi-finished products and other harmful products, and also tries to abstain from caffeine, sugar and alcohol. But I eat meat and dark chocolate, sometimes I can sweeten the tea. I have celiac disease (intestinal dysfunction - Ed.), that's why I don't use gluten. Otherwise, I eat like an ordinary person - I eat what I want, ”Stone says.

Vegetarians or meat eaters: who is aging faster?

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In the end, it doesn't seem so important whether you eat meat or not : both vegetarians and meat eaters from our selection are in excellent physical shape. The main thing is to generally adhere to a healthy lifestyle: eat right, do not abuse flour and sweets, avoid alcohol and tobacco, play sports.

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