What Happens When You Stop Eating Meat | 1 Month Vegetarian Weight Loss Transformation

Vegetarianism: how will your life change if you give up meat?

There are many stereotypes about vegetarianism and veganism. Many people mistakenly assume that all vegetarians have weak immunity, are not able to play sports and lead an active lifestyle. In fact, for most, vegetarianism is not just a diet, but a lifestyle. Someone refuses animal food to improve health, others out of pity for animals. To dispel all the most widespread myths about vegetarianism, the Championship talked with the coach and founder of the Vegetarian Power movement Oleg Smirnov.

Vegetarianism: how will your life change if you give up meat?

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Veganism and vegetarianism: what's the difference?

Many people mistakenly do not distinguish between these two concepts. Of course, both vegans and vegetarians do not eat meat, but there are other differences.

Oleg Smirnov, trainer : Vegetarians do not use food obtained as a result of killing animals. They do not eat meat, fish, and do not wear leather or fur. Vegans, in addition to all of the above, also do not consume products obtained as a result of animal exploitation. They do not eat dairy products, eggs, do not wear wool, silk, do not use cosmetics that are tested on animals.

Avoiding meat will help to lose weight

By giving up meat, a person still does not ceases to eat sweet, starchy foods. Excessive consumption of these foods can also lead to excess weight.

It is a misconception that avoiding meat will help a person lose weight. Lose weight from a lack of calories, and not from any particular type of food. If you get less calories than you spend, you will lose weight, and it does not matter what you eat.

I am always surprised when people ask me: what do vegetarians eat, where do they get protein ?.

Vegetarianism and lack of protein

Many people think that protein is found exclusively in meat. However, this is not quite true. Proteins are also found in sufficient quantities in plants.

Protein is not at all absent in the diet of vegetarians. It's just that animal protein is replaced with vegetable protein, that's all. Vegetarians consume some animal products that are high in protein. For example, eggs, cottage cheese. Therefore, vegetarian athletes have no problems with food. To be honest, I am always surprised when people ask me what vegetarians eat, where do they get their protein. Go to any supermarket and you can buy everything you need. It's a little more difficult for vegans in this regard, but again, if you work hard, you can find the necessary products in stores that will help you feel good.

Avoiding meat is harmful

they can say this with confidence, but not everyone can justify the harm of vegetarianism. This stereotype is based on very old data that have been refuted by modern science.

Usually people who say that giving up meat is harmful cannot justify why. They just might hear it somewhere and nrepeat. Vegetarians do not have any problems and difficulties associated with giving up meat.

The approach to training for vegetarians and meat eaters does not differ at all. If you eat right, get everything you need, then you will train like everyone else

Advice for beginner vegetarians

If you do decide to become a vegetarian, then you should not immediately resort to drastic measures ... First you need to learn how to organize your diet. It is important not only to eliminate meat from your diet, but to correctly replace this product with another.

You need to eat right, and it does not matter if you are a vegetarian or not. We have a certain need for calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals. We must close this need by 100 percent. The beginning vegetarian needs to know this. For example, if a person got used to potatoes with a cutlet, and then, having become a vegetarian, he simply excluded the cutlet, without adding anything instead of it, then it is natural that he will have a decrease in the total calorie content of the diet and the amount of protein in the body. The person will begin to lose weight, experience problems. It is important to replace the food you have removed from your diet with a food with the same properties and nutrients. Sometimes people don't replace a product, they just exclude it, which is wrong. You need to understand the basics of proper nutrition, they are not so complicated.

5 Ways Your Body Changes When You Stop Eating Meat

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