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Upward Movement: The 3 Seconds That Shook the World

On the eve of the New Year, the film "Moving Up" will be released, dedicated to the legendary basketball match and the victory of the Soviet national team at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. The outcome of the match between the USSR and the USA was decided in the last seconds. “Championship” journalists were able to attend a private press screening and were among the first to see what happened with the creators of “Crew” and “Legend 17”.

Upward Movement: The 3 Seconds That Shook the World

Photo: Shot from the movie" Moving Up "

In order to be more objective, we went to the premiere together with the curator of the“ Basketball ”section Nikita Zagday. In our review, we will present two positions: a person who does not understand basketball and every 15 minutes frantically pulled out his phone to check the too dashingly twisting plot with facts from Wikipedia, and a person who knew exactly what was happening in those last few seconds on site, and came to the auditorium in order to understand whether the film was “about basketball” or it was just a beautiful artistic and commercial picture.

A non-basketball look at the movie “Moving Up”

Throughout the film, I had a feeling: “Well, it couldn't be like that in reality!”. Therefore, the hand reached out for the phone to once again double-check the facts studied on the eve of the premiere. In my review, I will try to focus on those facts that could catch the most ordinary viewer who came to the cinema. Personally, as a person who is not very deeply immersed in the basketball theme, I was most worried about the question: “How was it really?”.

About the plot of the film: 1970 - the head coach of the USSR national basketball team is replaced, with the wording “the Soviet government does not forgive losses”. The legendary Gomelskiy is replaced by the not-so-famous coach of the Leningrad “Spartak” Vladimir Petrovich Garanzhin (the prototype is the real coach of the national team Vladimir Petrovich Kondrashin). Everything changes with him: from the roster to the training methodology and game tactics. The national team has not only an ambitious, but, at first glance, unattainable goal - to beat the invincible Americans at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

How it was in reality?

Matches between athletes from the USA and the USSR in all sports have always been of a principled nature. The US national basketball team was the favorite ahead of the 1972 tournament of games. Since 1936, that is, since basketball appeared in the Summer Games, American athletes have never lost.

Against the background of the main plot, several complex and at the same time dramatic lines unfold, which make this film alive and filled. The son of Vladimir Petrovich needs an expensive operation abroad, the only chance to convince the Soviet government to sign all the exit sheets is to become a hero, to do something impossible and important for all Soviet sports.

How was it really?

The son of the legendary coach Vladimir Kondrashin Yuri really needed an expensive operation, he was confined to a wheelchair all his life. Diagnosis: cerebral palsy.
Upward Movement: The 3 Seconds That Shook the World

Photo: Still from the movie “Moving Up”

In parallel with this, the plot is twisted around the center of the national team of Alexander Belov. During a trip to a training camp in America, he is diagnosed with a rare disease - heart sarcoma, doctors give him from six months to a couple of years of life.

How was it really?

After the Olympics in Munich, Belov lived for another six years. The famous athlete was treated by a whole group of eminent professors, who established the cause of his illness: a shell mesh. A disease when lime, like a shell, covers the heart muscle from year to year. Eventually the person stops breathing. The disease was incurable, and the doctors knew it very well. Belov's coach Vladimir Petrovich Kondrashin tried to find a doctor in the United States who could cure his talented student, but this attempt was unsuccessful. When Belov got really bad, he wrote a letter to his friend Vanya Rozhin that he would bequeath the Olympic medal to the coach (then only the players were given medals).
Upward Movement: The 3 Seconds That Shook the World

Photo: Shot from the movie "Moving up"

The motto of the last years of Belov's life is the phrase "As long as he is alive, everything is possible." This permeates the entire plot of the film. The victory of the national team in the last seconds of the match becomes not just a victory for the country, but something more personal for each hero of that very game. Then it was not just the outcome of the duel that was decided, but fate was decided.

But these are not all the storylines and twists and turns, the film also found a place for a beautiful love story between Alexander Belov and Alexandra Svechnikova (the prototype of the heroine is the basketball player Alexandra Ovchinnikova ). And the Georgian feasts with Zurab and Mishiko ( Mikhail Korkia and Zurab Sakandelidze - “Georgian tandem” - the players of the USSR national team).

And the infamous “Olympic terrorist attack” that killed 11 people from the Israeli national team. My colleague will tell you more about this in the review.

All this needs to be watched, you need to feel and carry through yourself, and if you tell it in advance, it will not be interesting to watch. The main thing I would like to note, speaking about the film, was that it turned out to be honest both in relation to us and in relation to the American team. Unlike the cartoonish hockey players from Legend 17, in the movie Moving Upward, both teams were given credit, there was no goal of showing the Americans at a disadvantage, it was the goal of conveying the atmosphere of a battle of champions against champions, best against best.

Basketball look at the film "Moving Up": a story that had to be invented

Nikita Zagdai, curator of the Basketball section, tells us

Red car, Soviet sport, played for the countryand other stereotypical cliches can be safely thrown out of your head when you go to the cinema on the Move up. All you need to know about this movie is that it's not about basketball.

This was just my biggest fear. Because he knew how reverently the creators approached basketball stories. Director Anton Megerdichev delved into the topic so that he began to watch thematic TV magazines and study basketball news. Ivan Edeshko acted as a consultant and was practically responsible for the accuracy of the texture.

Upward Movement: The 3 Seconds That Shook the World

Photo: Still from the movie “Movement up ”

The author of that very pass, the hero of the main episode and one of the creators of the victory is an accomplice in the film adaptation! Basketball people took part in the filming. From the champion of Europe 2007 Nikolay Padius to the heroes of the Moscow streets. And there were serious concerns that it would be just a sports movie for an extremely narrow audience. For the filming of the film, a basketball court was assembled practically from foam. To shoot stunts and not kill the actors and stunt doubles on the hard floor. But all this, as it turned out, is just an illustration for another story.

  • Munich 72 is not just a sports fairy tale with a happy ending. This is something more. To begin with, this is simply one of the most incredible Olympic fairy tales. It is no coincidence that the Americans still have not taken away the silver medals, as if adding a few more touches to that mystical story. But even in this legend, there are still a thousand hidden script lines that you don't even need to invent.
  • Munich is a political tragedy. Terrorists shoot the Israeli team and change the Olympic sport. Political coloration (but for some reason under the slogan sport is outside politics), security - all these are almost the most important aspects of each subsequent Olympics.
  • Munich is the starting point for world basketball. In 1972, the Americans lost for the first time. And confrontation was born within the framework of the Cold War. USSR against the USA. The way basketball looks now is a consequence of that very battle. The result of all this is the emergence of the dream-team in 20 years, and the globalization of basketball. 3 seconds didn't just turn the world upside down, they stirred it up, but didn't immediately mix it.
  • Munich gave birth to a real coaching confrontation. Gomelsky created the same team. But Kondrashin was able to win the Olympics with her. And then domestic basketball actually split into two camps. For the sake of justice - Gomelsky won gold at the Games only in 88th. Putting an end to the basketball chapter titled Tips vs. USA.
Upward Movement: The 3 Seconds That Shook the World

Photo: Still from "Moving Up"

  • This victory practically formalized Sergei Belov the status of a legend. Without this gold, his greatness was slightly less striking. As dominant as a basketball player of his time, only victories make great. And 20 points in the final against the invincible Americans - byfavor, the main feat in the career of Sergei Belov.
  • Alexander Belov - the author of the winning throw and the owner of an incurable disease. Such a story could only be invented by life itself. Become the hero of the main episode in the history of Olympic basketball and die at the age of 26.
  • Ivan Edeshko . Declarer with a height of 195. That was years ahead of his time. And in the national team, not so fast, but a high playmaker appeared precisely on the initiative of Vladimir Kondrashin. Know-how of the early 70s. Magic Johnson of his time! The result is the same pass. Another plot.
  • Modestas Paulauskas. One of the first Lithuanian legends. I almost ran away from the USSR. But he stayed and won the Olympics. Another plot that deserves a film adaptation.
Upward Movement: The 3 Seconds That Shook the World
  • Vladimir Kondrashin. The one who was not afraid of bold experiments and prepared separately for the match with the Americans. He made a bet on Edeshko. He first released two Georgians, Sakandelidze and Korkia, together in the final, raising the level of passion to the extreme.
Upward Movement: The 3 Seconds That Shook the World

Photo: A still from the movie "Moving up"

This is the story of people. Those for whom basketball was the meaning of life, but for some it was just work. The Upward directors did not choose the story. They mixed it all up and weaved it together. Knitted costumes of Soviet athletes, and excellent decorations. A bit of party politics, which was an important part of amateur sports at the time. And incredible stories of people. Different nationalities, born in villages, cities, in different cultures and otherwise adopting the common flag of the USSR.

After watching the film, clumsily holding back his delight, I wanted to do only one thing - dial Ivan Edeshko's number and ask two questions. Ivan Ivanovich answered the call immediately.

- How accurately are the characters of the players of that national team conveyed?
- Slightly exaggerated, but nothing is invented. Almost everything was like that.

- Is the chronology of the final match of the Olympics an artistic move?
- What do you mean ?! We have spoken, discussed and discussed everything so many times. The filmmakers wanted to convey the emotions and mood of that time as accurately as possible. Of course, basketball is shown differently. But the gist is correct. We won that match and almost lost ourselves. Sergei Belov was great. None of the Americans could stop him. All this is shown, and there is some justice in it. Of course, we didn't score with such freaks, but they explained it to me by the desire to show the full brightness of basketball. So if you don't focus on all this acrobatics, then yes. The film is more documentary than fiction.

Upward Movement: The 3 Seconds That Shook the World

USSR national basketball team

Now that the film is already ready for premieres, the producers are engaged in serious promotion. And this is not just the use of tools of the domestic film industry with billboards in the center of Moscow. ita truly basketball story. Actors go to the matches, together with Alzhan Zharmukhamedov and Ivan Edeshko they arranged an autograph session at the Euroleague match. And it was incredibly touching. Edeshko together with the actor who played Ivan Ivanovich. The film's actors have already played several exhibition matches. A pre-screening for film critics was held in parallel for a basketball get-together. And if the harsh film critics cynically and coldly praised the film, the inexperienced viewers could hardly hold back their tears. Some because basketball deserves the big screen. And others - because of the awareness of the scale of the personalities of that feat. 3 seconds is not just an episode of the final match. It's the cherry on top of the big drama cake.

For a while, basketball became more than just the basis for a great movie. It has become a part of something more than just a sport with the hashtag best ball game.

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