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Until the summer is over: 7 reasons to visit the BASEMOSCOW site

The iconic shamrock continues to reign at adidas BASEMOSCOW in Gorky Park. This is not just the brightest and most mobile farewell to the summer season - this is a month of street culture in all its manifestations. Skateboarding and street basketball master classes and trainings, DJing lessons, DYI courses, various exhibitions and lectures on contemporary art, films and dance battles, art performances and concerts. In our selection we have collected 7 must-attend workouts for you.

BASEMOSCOW Skate Academy. Free skating

Direction: skateboarding

Free skateboarding on the adidas BASEMOSCOW area. Everyone can practice different tricks.

BASEMOSCOW Skate Academy. Training

Direction: Skateboarding

Training for everyone on skateboarding inside the adidas BASEMOSCOW area. Learn to do cool tricks! Choose your level - beginner or advanced.

ABS + Stretching

Direction: strength training + stretching

Training includes strength exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the abdominals, hips, buttocks and back, as well as intense exercises to develop stretching and flexibility ... Conducted by Taisiya Vershinina, current stretching and TRX trainer.

Break Dance training

Direction: dancing

Break dance is a dance that reveals your inner world. Once you learn the basics, you will be able to invent your own unique style and image, as well as try and come up with your own elements. And most importantly, in the classroom there is always excellent music and an atmosphere of creativity. Welcome to our training!

Teacher: Abdul Anasov (Mafia 13)

Hip-hop and All styles dance battle

Direction: dancing

Dance as if millions of eyes are looking at you. At adidas BASEMOSCOW in Gorky Park, you will experience a crazy dance battle in Hip-Hop and All Styles! Just one day. Only one winner in each direction. Your skills will be evaluated by Anton Panufnik , Dam'en , Twist .


Direction: gaming sports

On site adidas BASEMOSCOW you will get to know dodgeball. This game has a lot in common with the classic dodgeball game. New rules and special balls have been developed for dodgeball. Team spiritand correct tactics is the key to winning the game. Pre-registration is required.

GoPro Masterclass

Direction: master class

How to shoot and edit a skate video on a spot. Thousands of tries, hundreds of tricks, and negligible amount of material to create your own profile. This is a reality that is time to change!
Bring your camera or take a test GoPro at the site. To participate in the master class, you need to install the GoPro and Quik applications on your phone in advance, free up space for videos in memory and do not forget to charge the gadget.

Find out the current schedule and register .

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