Unique or fraud? John Venus went vegan and pumped up a sculpted body

Chicken breast, eggs, lean beef are the most important part of the diet of most bodybuilders. However, the example of 28-year-old John Vinus shows that it is possible to achieve impressive muscles even with a complete rejection of food of animal origin. The blogger has become known as the sexiest vegan in the world. The guy assures that he pumped up a beautiful body exclusively on plant foods, and is actively promoting his lifestyle to the masses. John, together with his wife, nutritionist Catherine, developed an author's training program, talks about the secrets of nutrition on social networks and even wrote a book. However, there are those who question the vegan bodybuilder's honesty.

So who is John Venus really: a unique athlete who turned the idea of ​​nutrition for jocks, or a clever con man?

How did a bodybuilder go from being a meat eater to a vegan?

Bodybuilder Vinus can be safely called a man of the world. His father, a Norwegian, met his mother while traveling in Brazil, and then the young people went to study in the United States, where John was born. The family moved frequently, so as a child, the boy managed to live in Norway, Brazil, and the United States, and now settled in Barcelona.

Venus remembers that he started to keep an eye on nutrition when he got into bodybuilding. Like most bodybuilders, the guy leaned on chicken breast and eggs, and on weekends he could not deny himself steaks at the family barbecue. John could not imagine life without meat and even mocked his younger brother when he chose vegetarianism for himself.

Everything changed in 2015. Then a 23-year-old guy, along with his girlfriend Katherine, came across a film about meat production technology.

Unique or fraud? John Venus went vegan and pumped up a sculpted body

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Unique or fraud? John Venus went vegan and pumped up a sculpted body

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Venus achieved an amazing result and began to teach others

From that day on, Venus could no longer look at meat with his former eyes. He worried that refusing protein-rich food would negatively affect his athletic form, but, delving deeper into the issue, he found a solution to the problem. With the help of Catherine, a nutritionist, John figured out how to replace animal foods with plant foods without compromising muscle mass and energy. Soon, new principles of training and nutrition began to produce results that he had never dreamed of with his previous lifestyle.

InspiredWith his own success, Venus started blogging on Instagram and YouTube. There he shares his experience and proves that it is not at all necessary to eat meat in order to gain a relief body. John's ideas turned out to be close to many supporters of a healthy lifestyle. He has a website where you can buy an author's training and nutrition program, buy an electronic version of his book, and even sign up for an individual online workout.

What does a vegan bodybuilder eat?

In publications, the young man destroys stereotypes about veganism and gives advice: how to replace prohibited foods so as not to lose in nutrients and taste. So, John uses avocado instead of butter, hummus instead of mayonnaise, tofu instead of eggs, and coconut or oat milk instead of cow's milk.

For muscle-building protein, he recommends getting it from legumes, oatmeal, quinoa, spices, and vegan protein powder. Vinus's diet includes large amounts of vegetables, fruits, cereals and pasta, bread products, as well as chocolate and soy products.

Unique or fraud? John Venus went vegan and pumped up a sculpted body

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Unique or fraud? John Venus went vegan and pumped up a sculpted body

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Why was John Vinus suspected of cheating?

In five years, the bodybuilder has gained thousands of followers, and the audience of his blog on Instagram is already 227 thousand people. The main secret of his popularity is his personal example. People see a young, healthy guy with a sculpted body and want the same. However, not everyone believes in the sincerity of a bodybuilder. Some of John's colleagues are convinced that he pumped up muscles with the help of steroids, and not at all by giving up meat, eggs and dairy products.

And the athlete himself provoked the most powerful round of criticism. In December 2019, he posted a video in which he said that he ate 12 eggs as an experiment a year ago. Vinus's confession led to massive unsubscriptions from his blogs. The guy was accused of fraud, because at the time of eating eggs he continued to promote ideas of veganism and sell the author's nutrition program.

Many users thought that in such a scandalous way, John just decided to attract attention. Of course, the bodybuilder's sensational admission of foul play undermined his confidence, but the passions quickly subsided, and the audience of his blog began to grow again.

Did John Venus really achieve impressive results in bodybuilding, ifteach vegan, or is it all a clever invention to gain attention and make money? Only the athlete himself knows the answer, and we can only take his word for it. Well, or not to believe it.

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