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Unexpected transfer to CSKA. The football club signed a new horse

Last week, CSKA football club arrived: the army team signed a newcomer and published a traditional video presentation on the YouTube channel. But the long-awaited transfer did not meet the expectations of the fans of the red-blue. This time the newcomer turned out to be a knight not only in a figurative sense. Instead of a striker or defender, a new mascot joined CSKA. As in the case of the real transfer, the horse was given a tour of the home stadium, after which a contract was signed in a festive atmosphere. The newly minted soldier met his teammates, took part in a training session and gave his first interview to CSKA TV. Here's how the newcomer was accepted at the club and why not all fans appreciated the joke.

How was the video presentation filmed?

The CSKA press service approached the presentation of the new team mascot more than responsibly. An official video was filmed for the horse with all the accompanying attributes, and the general director of the club Roman Babaev, head coach Viktor Goncharenko and the legend of not only the army team, but also the Russian national team Igor Akinfeev took part in the filming.

CSKA newbie is shown in the video trophies of the club, and then they sign a contract and solemnly present a uniform jersey with the number 1911 - it was in 1911 that the history of the Central Army Sports Club (then - OLLS) began. Gendir speaks about the new player this way:

After the completion of legal formalities - a traditional photo session on the field and the first meeting with teammates. The CSKA head coach Viktor Goncharenko introduced the new army player.

Later, a backstage video appeared on the CSKA channel, which showed exactly how the shooting took place. It turned out that even simple actions in a mascot costume are not easy to perform: a large head outweighs and limits the view, in oversized boots the ball is not minted, and in general it is very hot in such equipment. But, of course, such difficulties did not stop the man in the horse costume.

Behind the mask is Yaroslav Antonov - a horse not in body, but in soul. Yaroslav, 18, is a student and an athlete. He studies at the Russian State Social University at the Faculty of Physical Education, enjoys biathlon and cycling. And now, in his free time from training and classes, he also maintains the team spirit of CSKA.

Why was the horse chosen as CSKA's mascot?

Although today the image of the horse is strongly associated with the Moscow football club, this was not always the case. The horse became the official symbol of the team only in 2008, when the fashion for mascots came to the country. CSKA became the first football team in Russia, whichth has acquired a talisman.

Before the redesign, the red-blue horse looked a little different.

The mascot's head looked more like a toy, and the costume itself was less voluminous - there was no special lining. Also, the new version of the horse does not have a tail - it probably interferes with the game, but a white-toothed smile appeared (even though they don’t look a gift horse in the mouth).

Why the horse became the club's mascot is probably unknown. According to one version, on Peschanaya Street, where the home stadium of CSKA is located, there used to be the stables of the Moscow hippodrome. According to another version, the origin of the mascot is due to the fact that during the Soviet era, the club was based on the site of the General Military Training of workers, which also had horses. The third version sounds completely different: supposedly the nickname of the horses and, accordingly, the mascot originate from the First Cavalry Army of the Soviet commander Semyon Mikhailovich Budyonny.

Why did the fans not appreciate the CSKA joke?

Like the creative the move of the army team is far from all fans. Now the team is on the fifth line in the standings of the Russian championship, two points behind Krasnodar, and six points behind the Zenit leader. In addition, CSKA either lost or drew the last three matches in the tournament.

The fans are worried about the squad situation. Today, CSKA is one of the youngest: some players from the main team are barely 18 years old. The fans believe that the club should really think about strengthening. No jokes here.

Former CSKA player Valery Masalitin said this in an interview. In his opinion, the roster is still too young and in this case it is necessary either to wait or to strengthen.

However, among the red-blue fans, there were still those who could treat the situation with humor.

Over the past year, the CSKA press service significantly improved the creative approach to coverage of the club's life. But it is obvious that not all fans are ready to forgive such frivolity and self-irony when the team is not going smoothly. Probably, for now, CSKA will have to wait a little longer with the creative process.

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