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Unadorned beauty: brands that have given up on retouching

The world is gradually moving away from worshiping perfectly photoshopped bodies and faces without wrinkles. And if glossy magazines are not yet ready for radical measures, then many fashion brands have not been abusing photoshop for a long time. Let's talk about famous brands that have refused the services of retouchers.

H&M: no photoshop

In 2018, the Swedish brand decided to completely abandon Photoshop in advertising its products. Since then, they have been shooting models with age spots, stretch marks on the skin and hair on their hands.

According to representatives of the H&M brand, photos without retouching give their customers more confidence.

Adidas Body Positive Campaign

Fall 2017 is for adidas memorable. It was then that an advertising campaign came out with the Swedish model Arvida Biström, who literally showed natural beauty - with hair on her legs and armpits. Neither adidas nor Byström expected this kind of feedback. Not everyone appreciated the naturalness of the model, her photos received thousands of negative comments, and some users even threatened her with reprisals in private messages.

Aerie: swimwear for everyone

American brand underwear refused to retouch in 2014: the advertising campaign was accompanied by slogans There is no retouching. The real you is sexy. Aerie revolutionized the fashion industry by proving that not only Victoria's Secret models can showcase swimwear. Since then, the concept of the brand has not changed: girls in advertising images do not hesitate to show birthmarks, scars, wrinkles and cellulite.

ASOS: all sizes of clothing

ASOS - multibrand a store that has achieved considerable success in working with its audience. They created the Curve line with an increased size range, and retouchers do not try to hide the traces of stretch marks and cellulite on the models' bodies. The store also ditched photoshop for the swimwear section, where all the shots are presented without even minimal processing.

It is noteworthy that the brand is not trying to hype on this or make a source of profit out of its philosophy. Such sincerity is especially important in the segment of online stores, where you can buy clothes without trying on.

Dove: the first in business

Dove can rightfully be considered a pioneer in the world without retouching. Back in 2004, the brand released an ad a campaign that says no to photoshop and called it a campaign for real beauty. Then the video Evolution was released, which described the efforts of marketing companies to impose unattainable ideals. The absence of acne, perfect styling and makeup are considered unquestioning symbols of beauty. But Dove dug deeper and asked the question: what is behind this ideal? For 15 years, the brand has not changed its philosophy and continues to praise the diversity of female beauty.

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