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Ultimate soccer: 5 most exotic derbies

Everyone is used to the fact that football is a sport where 22 players run on a green lawn after the ball, but there are at least five versions of football in the world that will destroy the usual foundations.

Football with a human head

Every February, life in the English city of Eschborn stops completely for two days. Schools, offices do not work, car owners are trying to hide their vehicles from the streets, shops are barricaded and obstructed by wooden billboards. This has been going on for more than 800 years, and this is not a natural disaster - this is how the city celebrates an analogue of Maslenitsa. Ashbourne is divided into northern and southern teams and begins to play his own, very peculiar football.

The match lasts two days - Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, every day is one half that lasts 8 hours, from 14 to 22 o'clock, the whole city acts as a football field in such matches, of course, there is no question of any markings, the number of players is not limited, and a few rules prohibit only hiding the ball in clothes or bags and transporting it by any transport, and the game should not to affect cemeteries, churches and memorial buildings, murders are prohibited even during the match. You won't see classic football goals during such matches either. To score a goal, you need to hit them three times on a post near the mill, there are two such mills - one on the northern outskirts, the second on the southern, the distance between them is about five kilometers. The central circle is a large parking lot in the city center, the mayor of the city throws in the ball, after which the game continues until a goal is scored, if the goal was scored before 17:30, then the game will resume in the parking lot, otherwise the half is considered over.

Separately, it is worth noting that for the game every year they sew a special ball from leather and stuff it with sawdust, after the game they write the name of the author of the goal scored on it, such a ball is considered a valuable trophy. The most popular version of the origin of the game - after the execution, a severed head was thrown into the crowd, many years have passed, people have become much more humane, so balls are used instead of severed heads, but broken noses, bruises, bruises, dislocations remain a common thing. The fun is called Royal Shrovetide Football, because in 1929 Prince Edward took part in it. By the way, his nose was broken during the game.

If you want to freshen up

River football is also held in the village of Burton-on-the-Water in England. This tradition has not existed for so long - more than 70 years. The match takes place on the Windrush River, the gates are installed under bridges, and teams are played by 6 people, the match lasts about 30-40 minutes. And this tradition appeared thanks to the fans who left the bar to freshen up.

More fire

For those who do not like long distances, in Indonesia there is a tradition of playing football with a burning coconut on Ramadan. The most common name for this ceremonial game is fireball. There are not many differences from classic football, 2 teams of 11 players also play, however, they play barefoot, thereforeplayers, most likely, do not want to hold the ball for a long time. Before the game, milk is drained from the coconut, and instead of it, the shell is filled with a flammable liquid, most often kerosene, after half an hour the coconut will be soaked, and everything is ready to play.

Football on a motorcycle

This view sports are younger than the previous ones, but they are known all over the world. The Motoball already has international status, and this year the European Championship was held in the Russian city of Kovrov. Matches are played on a field similar in size to a football pitch, but it is covered with asphalt, the markings are also different from the traditional ones, there is no central circle, and the goalkeeper's area is semicircular. The ball is larger than a football, and the teams consist of five people - a goalkeeper on foot and four field players on motorcycles. This sport has existed since 1931, in the USSR this sport appeared in 1965, in 1975 the USSR national team took part in the European Championship for the first time.

When one ball is not enough

In 2007 in Kiev, footdullball, or Ukrainian football, was invented. There are few differences from traditional football, more precisely, it is only one - there are always two balls on the field, so the teams have to simultaneously monitor both their own and others' goals. After one ball enters the goal, the game continues until the second ball is out of play.

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