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Tyson has been raising pigeons since childhood. What else are famous athletes fond of?

We organize our free time in different ways, but more often than not we try to spend it with benefit. Many people immediately rush to the gyms and spend precious hours on training. And what are people doing, in whose life there is already too much sport?

Many are sure that the circle of interests of professional athletes ends with nightclubs, filming commercials and buying new cars. However, there are those who have chosen very unusual entertainment for themselves. Our article contains a selection of unexpected hobbies that popular athletes devote their time to.

Bingo! from Cristiano Ronaldo

Looking at Cristiano Ronaldo's instagram, it's hard to imagine that this footballer has an idea of ​​the concept of free time. In all his interviews, the Portuguese states that he does not leave the gym. However, this is not entirely true.

It turns out that Cristiano has a real passion, and it is called Bingo. It is at this game that Ronaldo most often spends time with close friends and family. In it, numbers are randomly selected, and the players must fill in the appropriate cells on their cards. The first competitor to complete all fields wins by shouting Bingo !. Presumably, Ronaldo became interested in this hobby while playing for Manchester United. Since then, the footballer is a true fan of this game.

Mike Tyson, love and doves

Mike Tyson is known to every boxing fan for his harsh antics, tough temper and aggressive behavior. However, the athlete manages to find a balance between rage and calmness thanks to his unusual hobby.

Few people know, but Tyson has been breeding pigeons for a long time. At one time, the boxer had about 350 birds. Now there are fewer of them, but this does not prevent him from enjoying his hobby. Mike Tyson's own dovecote is located in New Jersey. According to the boxer, it was the pigeons that helped him a lot during difficult periods of his life.

Sock King Robert Griffin III

American football player Robert Griffin III also has a special hobby. For a long time, the Baltimore Ravens player has been collecting socks. Robert's passion for these wardrobe items in extravagant designs and unimaginable colors increases his popularity and makes press conferences with the athlete even more interesting.

Tim Duncan and RPGs

Tim Duncan is definitely a very versatile person. Before starting his professional basketball career, the athlete dreamed of becoming an Olympic swimmer, so he spent many years training in the pool. Now the basketball player has changed his hobby. He became a real lover of classic board RPG games in the genree fantasy. Especially Dungeons and Dragons games. Duncan is so serious with her that his chest is adorned with a tattoo of Merlin, and sometimes, for fun, he dresses up as a wizard.

Tattoo artist Daniel Agger

Of course, most athletes are attracted to tattoos. They are often not averse to decorating their bodies with new images and bragging about them on social networks. However, the former captain of the Danish national football team, Daniel Agger, is not only a lover of this art, but he himself often provides his services to people as a tattoo artist. The footballer is a certified tattoo artist. Once he even promised that he would get the same tattoos for all members of his team if they won the championship title. For better or worse, then they only came in second, and the promise remained unfulfilled.

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