Transformation Tuesday: It's never too late

Two days before summer. Why is it never too late to get in shape?

The popular YouTube blogger Tatiana Rybakova teaches her subscribers to lose weight without dieting. The specialist gives advice based solely on his own experience. Tatiana dropped 51 kg (!), Her path to an ideal body was not easy and thorny. She tried everything: fasting, mono diets, detox programs - and came to the conclusion that only proper nutrition and sports will help her achieve her goal.

Two days before summer. Why is it never too late to get in shape?


Menu for every day

Tips to help you create the right and balanced menu. Calorie calculations, vitamins and essential micronutrients.

What foods do you need to eat every day?

Tips on what foods are best to include in your diet in order to gradually switch to proper nutrition and start losing weight without stress for the body.

5 myths about weight loss

Myths about weight loss that prevent you from starting the process of losing weight and making the arrow of the scales move from a dead center.

How to speed up your metabolism?

Effective ways to speed up your metabolism at home. Tips: how much water to drink, what to include in your daily diet, what is desirable to exclude from it - all that is important to pay attention to.

Nutrition before and after exercise

Popular fitness answers -blogger on the most common questions of newbies. What should be the correct nutrition before training? What to eat to satisfy your hunger and not feel heavy during training? What is the carbohydrate window and how do you recover from exercise?

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