Turner Twins Vegan Diet Experiment analyzed by Vegan Nutrition Expert of 19 years

Twin brothers became different due to meat and vegan diets. An honest experiment

How much do you think the body can change if you deprive it of its usual food? Or rather, if you replace it with a vegan one? The twin brothers Hugo and Ross Turners from Great Britain decided to find the answer to this question. Absolutely identical in appearance and genetics, with similar habits, they decided to participate in the experiment. The results were astonishing.

Twin brothers became different due to meat and vegan diets. An honest experiment

What happens to the body if we give up meat entirely?

Pros and cons vegetarianism that will change you both externally and internally.

Why were the Turner brothers chosen for the experiment?

In fact, no one chose them. They decided to put themselves to the test to see how healthy the trendy vegan diet was and asked for help from scientists at King's College London.

The Turner Gemini are ideal candidates for this experiment. Bloggers, travelers, famous people in their midst. But most importantly, Hugo and Ross are practically the same: externally, genetically, in habits and sports hobbies. So a pure experience was guaranteed.

Before the experiment, the men were similar in physique, weight, which was about 84 kg, and fat mass - 13% in both.

Twin brothers became different due to meat and vegan diets. An honest experiment

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Vegan and meat eater

According to the rules of the experiment, one of the brothers had to completely change the usual diet, replacing it with a vegan one. That is, to give up meat, fish, seafood, milk, eggs, and another - to eat the usual food, in which there was more meat than usual. It is important that the number of calories per day should be the same.

For 12 weeks, Hugo and Ross did exactly the same physical activity in the gym and spent the same amount of time there. One week had six workouts, the other five, and the exercises mainly developed endurance. The brothers' health was closely monitored by scientists.

Hugo lost weight

The twins drew lots and Hugo became vegan. At first, he dramatically lost weight, but then practically restored all the parameters from which he began the diet. As a result, the man began to weigh 82.1 kg, and the body fat decreased from 13 to 12 percent.

Hugo's gut microbiome has changed dramatically. A microbe is an environment in which microorganisms live and whose resources theyenjoy. Such changes in the body of one of the Turners reduced the risk of obesity and diabetes, blood cholesterol levels. But at the same time, they increased the likelihood of ulceration and scarring in the gastrointestinal tract.

Vegan by lot he noticed that he became more energetic and concentrated. However, his sex drive was completely gone. Here, of course, other reasons could have played a role, but the fact remains.

Twin brothers became different due to meat and vegan diets. An honest experiment

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Pumped up Ross

Food Ross was habitual, the body did not have to rebuild, and therefore the results were expected. The man put on weight, gained weight up to 86 kg, and his body became 15 percent fat. But the increase in total weight was mainly due to muscle tissue.

Naturally, Ross did not have any changes in the gut microbiome, just as there were no jumps in cholesterol. The meat-eating brother preferred to keep quiet about sexual attraction.

So which is better?

The question for which everything was started remained unanswered. Although both externally and internally, the brothers became different. By the way, then they both returned to their original state. Of course, you can say that a vegan diet does nothing, but that would not be true. There are pros and cons in each of the diets, and the more varied it is, the better.

Twin brothers became different due to meat and vegan diets. An honest experiment

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After the end of the experiment, the Turners returned to their usual menu, having agreed with scientists, that the experiment needs to be repeated, only to stretch it out for a year. This will lead to more accurate conclusions.

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