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Trust in the power of running: how to train and help a charitable foundation?

Running amateurs (beginners and professionals) and simply not indifferent people who want to help the fund Our children defend the right of children to be raised in their families can take part in the action I will help on the run. You can start running while collecting donations to a charitable foundation alone, with your family, a team of friends or colleagues.

Trust in the power of running: how to train and help a charitable foundation?

Photo: Foundation Our children

How does it work?

The runner sets himself not only

  • running goals (I want to run X km in a season, I want to improve my pace to X, I want to run X km in a race);
  • but also financial (to collect N rubles for the benefit of the charitable foundation).

This is a new challenge, it is an additional responsibility and motivation to play sports regularly. Regularity is important not only in the training process, but also when doing charity work.

What do you need to do to become a good runner?

To become a good runner, you need to fill out an application on the website fund Our children . The good runner has his own page on the website, which collects statistics on the kilometers traveled and donations collected. The page can and should be shared on your social networks in order to collect as many supporters as possible. The fund's team supports the good runners in social networks, helps with advice.

Trust in the power of running: how to train and help a charitable foundation?


I don't run myself. Can I support the promotion?

Not only runners can participate in the promotion. Any financial and informational support is important for success. You can simply select a good runner on the promotion page and support his challenge and make a donation to the fund.

Everyone is important: For 5 years, a team of good runners helped the fund raise more than 2.5 million rubles, which were used to help children in need.

Where the collected money will go

The goal of the action in 2019 is to collect 950 thousand rubles.

Social teachers of the fund Our children travel a lot in the Smolensk region:

  • looking for parents of children from orphanages to return children to their families;
  • rush to help parents cope with the problems that threaten children with an orphanage;
  • delivering material aid.

Public transport is not an option: a bus runs to some villages once a week.
All these years, the foundation's team has traveled everywhere in private cars. But it is no longer possible to depend on personal transport - the old cars of the Foundation's employees are already too tough for the roads of the Smolensk hinterland.

Our Children Foundation needs a car:

unpretentious (to repair without problems), passable ( it is not so easy to get to remote villages), spacious (the foundation carries construction materials and large household appliances to families), reliable (in one trip, the foundation's specialists cover at least 200 km, on average, 1500 km per week).

950 thousand rubles - the price of a used four-wheel drive car with low mileage, plus maintenance costs, spare wheels, etc.
Trust in the power of running: how to train and help a charitable foundation?


Help for the future

By helping our foundation raise money for a car to work in the Smolensk region, beneficiaries are helping to protect specific children The Foundation helps specific children and specific families in the Smolensk region in difficult cases when the question arises about sending children from families in crisis to orphanages. Determination to an orphanage is negative for any child, often this can be avoided if certain actions are taken.

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