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Triathlete nutrition - the foundation of new records

Our nutrition is the foundation and foundation of our health. That is why it is important to monitor not only what and when we eat, but also how high-quality products are on our table today and how they were prepared. Nutrition during physical activity should be balanced and timely, it is very important to pay attention to what the athlete eats before and after training, in no case should you come to training hungry.

Triathlete nutrition - the foundation of new records

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Basic rules. What is the basis of nutrition?

The most important thing to know about nutrition for people who play sports is that muscle growth is possible only if the amount of calories consumed with food exceeds the number of calories spent on workout. Otherwise, the reverse process will inevitably begin in your body - with a lack of calories, the body will draw from the already existing muscle mass, which can lead to depletion of the body.

Here are just a few types of activities and the number of calories that you burn during hours of intensive work:

Boxing - 420 kcal
Bodyflex - 350 kcal
Judo, karate, jujitsu - 350 kcal
Cycling (15 km / h) - 161 kcal
Roller skating - 420 kcal
Swimming - from 105 to 230 kcal (depending on speed)
Squash - 259 kcal
Tennis - 245 kcal
Ski training - 385 kcal
Fencing - 105 kcal
Football - 315 kcal
Walking (6 km / h) - 156 kcal.

Remember that even the most insignificant activity, like cleaning or walking to the subway, also requires energy. and therefore burns calories.

For a full metabolism, you must drink enough fluids. Under the influence of fluid, the fiber in the intestines actively swells and stimulates the digestion processes.

With a lack of calories, the effect of training will be very low, which will lead to a breakdown and reduce the effectiveness of training in the gym. Therefore, if you decide to play sports regularly, you need to switch to special sports nutrition.

Triathlete nutrition - the foundation of new records

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The diet itself largely depends on the sport you choose to do and your level of fitness. Professional athletes have a special diet, which dietitians choose for them. In our material, we will look at the diet that nutritionists and nutritionists of the Just 4 You delivery service have developed specifically for triathletes, it is also suitable for all amateur athletes and just people with an active lifestyle.

Useful and simple

Food is the fuel we need to move. At the very beginning of our experiment, we asked ourselves whether there is a ready-made sports nutrition on the Internet with already calculated calories. The question may seem naive and trivial, but the point is that mostfood delivery services offer rations either for losing weight or for keeping weight (in the range of 1300-2000 kcal), and this is negligible for a person who is actively engaged in the gym. On the Just 4 Food website, we have found specialized nutrition for triathletes. The diet for women is 2500 kcal and the diet for men is 3500 kcal. Let's take a closer look at what main products and dishes were used to compose this specialized menu.

Triathlete nutrition - the foundation of new records

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Smoothie. A quick, light and nutritious snack. During the test, the triathlon program from Just 4 Food was offered to us twice. The first time it was a drink made from spinach, pineapple, mango and spring water with baobab protein, the second time from grapes, blackberries, mint and coconut water. Both drinks were infused with natural vitamins due to quality and natural ingredients in their base. When preparing smoothies, keep in mind that the fruit should be ripe or even a little overripe, then the drink will turn out to be sweeter and thicker in consistency.

How to prepare the drink yourself? Smoothies are made from fruits, berries or vegetables based on kefir, yogurt, milk or water. You can add honey for sweetness or nuts for nutrition to smoothies. When using apples or pears, grate them first and then prepare a drink from them.

Vegetable salad. Another basic dish that must be present in the athlete's diet. Vegetables contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. The diet of the triathlete, developed by professional nutritionists and nutritionists, also included a salad of red cabbage, carrots, avocado, corn and sprouts.

Triathlete nutrition - the foundation of new records

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Dried fruits and nuts. They satisfy hunger well and for a long time. But you need to eat them in small portions, because they are very high in calories. Any kind of dried fruit is suitable - prunes, dried apricots, raisins, apples, pears. From nuts it is better to give preference to almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts.

Triathlete nutrition - the foundation of new records

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Sources of protein. Meat, chicken, fish and seafood are mandatory in the athlete's diet. What to give preference to is already a matter of taste for everyone. In any case, if you do exercise, you shouldn't cut out protein sources from your daily meals. If you are adherents of a vegetarian culture, then animal proteins need to be replaced with plant proteins in order to compensate the body for the energy expended.

The hardest part

The hardest part in the sports approach to nutrition for me turned out to be by the hour. I feel that if the boxes had not been brought to my house, on which the time of the meal was written very large, the lag from the schedule on the very first day of the transition to the “light side” was inevitable. TIt just so happened that in order for the body not to experience a painful feeling of hunger, we need to try to avoid intervals in food for more than three hours.

Triathlete nutrition - the foundation of new records

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Tip : For the first time, in order to get used to eating at the right intervals, prepare food in advance or try using a ready-made food delivery service.

Sample diet for sports

The nutrition program we tested is called Triathlon, a diet specially formulated by nutritionists and chefs to meet all the needs of athletes. The main goals that formed the basis for the development of the menu: the need for a triathlete to maintain a stable weight and maintain a normal metabolism, as well as recover after many hours of training.

It is quite reasonable that without proper nutrition it is impossible to put muscles and body in order .

Triathlete nutrition - the foundation of new records

Photo: “Championship”

Diet for 2500 kcal
Approximate athlete's meal plan for one day:

8:00 - 8:30
Spinach, pineapple, mango and spring water smoothie with baobab protein - 112.9 kcal - Spelled porridge with figs and poppy seeds - 178.67 kcal - Blueberries - 58.5 kcal
Pollen - 16.98 kcal - Tortilla with sweet potatoes and cilantro - 138, 71 kcal

11:00 - 11:30
Poached egg with tomatoes and herbs - 124.09 kcal
Spelled bun - 100.98 kcal
Baked sweet potato with rosemary - 143.19 kcal
Grape, blackberry smoothie with mint and coconut water - 124.76 kcal

14: 00-15: 00
Salad of red cabbage, carrots, avocado, corn and sprouts - 76.91 kcal
Cucumber sauce - 31.05 kcal
Light minestrone soup - 77.99 kcal
Lamb tenderloin with fresh ginger and herbs - 117.1 kcal
Red beans with vegetables and lentil sprouts - 144.21 kcal
Bread with prebiotics - 81.9 kcal

17:00 - 17 : 30
Spelled pasta with cheese - 238.67 kcal
Berry jelly - 112.34 kcal
Oatmeal cookies with pumpkin and honey - 234.77 kcal

19:30 - 20:30
King prawns in herbs - 143, 38 kcal
Vegetables with green peas - 69.18 kcal

Kefir with goji berries - 170.92 kcal.

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