8 Cool New Android Apps You Should Use - 2020

Trendy gadgets and phone apps to help you get better

The goal of the participants in the special project of the editorial office To get in shape in 30 days is not only to achieve the set goal and see the result, but also to figure out how to go through the entire path of transformation as correctly and comfortably as possible. And here we are talking not only about safety in the training room, a balanced diet and the constant search for motivation in everything that surrounds you ... but also about how to find out in time about the appearance of a new application for your phone that will count the calories in your breakfast in 2 seconds or fitness - a bracelet that will become a faithful companion on the treadmill and in the gym. Read more in our material.

Maxim Syreischikov, Managing Director of the Championship

Features of personal training. What can be found in the fitness room

Throughout the experiment, Maxim did not use any additional gadgets and applications for the phone, but was constantly under the control of his personal trainer, who helped to adjust the training program depending on on the client's progress and results. In order to tell what devices can be found in any fitness room and how to use them correctly, we turned to the coach of Maxim, the elite trainer of the World Class Vlasov gym, Vladimir Bardin.

1. A device for measuring body fat, water in the body and muscle mass

In fact, there are usually no such weights in the gym itself, they are installed in our special medical office, but any client can use them. These scales are based on the following principle: you get up, infrared radiation passes through you, which determines the level of body fat, how much water is in the body, how much muscle. This is very useful at the initial stage, when the trainer is just drawing up a training plan, and a nutritionist is a nutritional plan.

Trendy gadgets and phone apps to help you get better

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva - Championship

2. Sensors for measuring heart rate (HR)

1) built into exercise machines (treadmills and elliptical machines);

2) individual sensors that customers purchase on their own.

Devices that can determine the heart rate are usually purchased independently. There are also gadgets built into exercise machines, such as tracks and ellipses. But built-in sensors can give an error of up to 20 hits. However, in any case, they can and should be used, especially if the workout is aimed at burning fat, and it is important to stay in a certain heart rate zone.

Their task is to determine the pulse, the time it takes to recover, and after that, individually calculate the load required for training, depending on the goals of the athlete. In the case of Maxim, due to the fact that he passed the fitness test under the conditions of the Olympic Committee, there was no need to additionally determine the optimal pulse for training. It is enough to adhere to the recommendations andKeep it in the intervals that have already been calculated in the laboratory.

Sensors, purchased separately, are worn on the chest in the form of a strap and in the form of a watch on the client's or trainer's hand. They are very helpful in identifying heart rate zones. If the coach has the watch, he can see the athlete's heart rate and can control the training process from a professional point of view.

Polina Sycheva, student and freelancer

Fitness- a tracker that is always with you

Lately, it has become fashionable to carry a smart watch with you. But the prices of such gadgets fluctuate a lot: if the most average fitness bracelet in terms of functionality can be purchased for just a couple of thousand rubles, then you will have to spend a lot on some Apple Watch . To participate in the experiment, Polina bought a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2 . In order to understand why such a purchase is necessary and how it can really help you when playing sports, we turned to a participant in the experiment.

Trendy gadgets and phone apps to help you get better

Photo: stocksnap.io

Functional toy.
At first glance, the tracker seemed to me not the most necessary item, without which I would not be able to enter gym, wearing such bracelets has become too fashionable lately. For myself, I picked up a model not even in the middle, but in a low price category in order to understand the need for a gadget.

About the functions: the bracelet I purchased has four main functions - a heart rate monitor , a pedometer, a sensor that tracks sleep, and the ability to connect notifications synchronized with the phone (very convenient when playing sports).

Pros: on the first day I tested the pedometer for to understand how much the indicator recorded by the fitness bracelet will differ from the one that the standard pedometer built into the Iphone will show me. The difference turned out to be decent: the phone recorded 12,350 steps, while the bracelet recorded 16,453 steps. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the phone was not always with you, and the bracelet was always on the hand. Or the fact is that the bracelet is more sensitive to movement. Among other advantages, I can tell you that the pulse tracker measures regularly, it is very convenient to use it in the gym, just press the button at the right time and after 15 seconds your pulse will appear on the screen. During the test, I checked the pulse on a tanometer in parallel, no major errors were found.

Cons: not very well thought out function associated with the so-called sleep control. In theory, thanks to the resulting graphs, you can track the quality of your sleep and correctly divide it into periods - how long a short sleep lasted, how long - a long one. Thanks to this, you can correctly calculate and adjust the time to fall asleep and think about what time you feel most comfortable getting up. However, personally in my experience, I have repeatedly come across the fact that pThe app on the phone, synchronized with the bracelet, recorded my falling asleep time much earlier than it actually happened. This may be due to the fact that the only indicator that can be read is your heart rate. Thus, if the heart rate decreases at rest, the bracelet detects the beginning of the process of falling asleep.

3. Nikita Kuzin, journalist

Forward and with music. Run podcasts and playlists on your phone

Trendy gadgets and phone apps to help you get better

Photo: stocksnap.io

What could be better than running to pleasant music? It doesn't matter where: on a treadmill, in a park or in a stadium. Recently, it has become fashionable to run not only to a selection of your favorite tracks, but also to so-called podcasts (audiobooks motivating comments that are superimposed on music), many of which are freely available for download in iTunes .

Take a note: most of the modern fitness apps that are produced by world famous brands include not only the ability to track your running distance during a workout and convenient GPS navigation, but also playlists compiled with the help of professional athletes.

Where can I find workout music? Editor's Choice :

Nike NRC + - for those who value the functionality of the application: music, tips from top coaches, GPS tracker and much more.


Yandex Music - the ability to listen and create free playlists yourself.


Online radio - the ability to listen to tracks online or download a selection in advance on your phone.


4. Dayana Mukhametzhanova, student

Top-3. Review of the most useful free fitness apps

Exercising at home is not easy. You need constant motivation, sources with proven information and keeping fitness notes in order to independently track the progress of your training process. A useful overview of apps to keep your workouts and nutrition in check is in our selection.

Trendy gadgets and phone apps to help you get better

Photo: stocksnap.io

1. FatSecret - free food diary.


For whom: for everyone who monitors their weight and maintains the balance of the BCJU.

The application allows you to add to your list not only those products that you can purchase in the store, but also those dishes and drinks that you purchase in cafes or restaurants. There is a special search for the name of the institution. The application itself has a very large database of products, so you can easily find what you need.

Life hack: For example, I very often check the calorie content of everyone's favorite rolls and pies in fast food. Seeing once KBZhU a small bun or lemonade, you will think a hundred times more: is it worth it?

2. Gipis - running app.


For whom: for those who are ready to determine their goal in advance and are ready for hard training under the command of their Iphone.

A good application that runs in the background and does not eat up a lot of space and power batteries. Adjusts training depending on your progress and provides a detailed report-statistics on the results of the run.

3. Tabata - timer for interval training.


For whom : for those who are goal-oriented and want to make the training process effective.

An application that allows you to perform training in the Tabata technique - 20 seconds of intense work, 10 seconds of rest. Since each exercise is performed for a specific time, the app has a large timer with sound notifications. So you can do your best without looking at the screen. It is possible to upload detailed statistics for each workout.


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