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Transformers star Mark Wahlberg suddenly went vegan for health reasons

Mark Wahlberg is one of the brightest movie stars at the moment. Someone probably remembers him from the hip-hop group Marky Mark, which was very popular in the 90s. But the actor gained worldwide fame by acting in Hollywood. He was nominated for the Golden Globe and Academy Awards for his role in The Departed, played in Transformers, Max Payne, Superfluous, and also produced such cult series as Boardwalk Empire and Handsome.

Wahlberg has always been in perfect physical shape ... At the same time, he did not hide the fact that sometimes he adores junk food and, in general, can eat up to eight times a day. And recently it became known that Mark became a vegan. What prompted him to make such drastic changes in his life?

Stomach problems

One could assume that the actor is just experimenting with his body during the virus epidemic while filming is suspended indefinitely. But in fact, Mark made a decision at the beginning of the year, before the onset of the global lockdown. And the reason is that he had stomach problems - leaky gut syndrome.

During the filming of one of the films, Wahlberg could eat two steaks a day, and then season it with a serving of fish. And by the end of the filming period, health problems got out. The actor tried to go on a diet that consisted of taking bone broth, but it did not help much. And then Mark made the decision to go further and become a full-fledged vegan.

Transformers star Mark Wahlberg suddenly went vegan for health reasons

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It's great to be vegan

On the YouTube channel of Men's Health, Mark answered questions from subscribers, and one of them asked directly: Bro , are you on a diet? The actor honestly said that pure diets never worked for him. So he decided to try veganism. After three weeks of eating solely on vegetable fats, Wahlberg made the announcement.

Avoiding meat - plus for training

Many fans of the actor began to worry about his physical shape, suggesting that Wahlberg's mountain of muscles could disappear along with giving up meat. Last year, Mark showed subscribers his daily routine and workouts. Then it seemed that he was preparing to serve in the army as a super soldier, his schedule was so busy.

However, fans need not worry. It turned out that giving up meat is even a plus for training, because it promotes faster rehabilitation of the body and provokes less inflammation in the body. But just suchthings like fries and fried foods in general slow down recovery a lot.

Transformers star Mark Wahlberg suddenly went vegan for health reasons

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Now the actor's morning does not start with bacon and eggs and a sandwich with jam, and with vegetable pancakes and green smoothies.

Wahlberg is a co-owner of a burger shop. Does this contradict veganism?

Mark is indeed a co-owner of the rather popular Wahlburgers burger chain, which he started with his brothers. That is, in fact, this is a family business, which would be difficult to abandon simply because of the changed views on nutrition. Wahlberg is not going to do it. Moreover, at the beginning of 2018, vegan burgers appeared on the restaurant menu, so the Wahlberg brothers were ahead of the curve.

Transformers star Mark Wahlberg suddenly went vegan for health reasons

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Customers often asked them to include a vegan menu in the list of services offered, and the creators of the establishment go to meet them. Everyone won, so even the tabloid press cannot accuse Mark of inconsistency.


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