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Transform Man: The Amazing Metamorphoses of Christian Bale

Some celebrities easily change their acting roles, turning from villains to positive characters and back. Such transformations are a commendable example, but Oscar-winning Christian Bale went further: his transformations are directly reflected in the figure of the actor. Bale's shocking body metamorphosis surprised not only the audience, but also the directors many times. And not everyone can repeat this. Here are some of the most impressive changes to an actor for the sake of iconic roles.

American Psycho. The goal is a relief body

Christian got his first serious role in the film American Psycho, where he played a narcissistic maniac. For this role, the actor faced a serious task - to turn into an outwardly ideal man in a year and a half. In those days, Bale was not a fan of grueling workouts and therefore periodically replaced classes in the gym with going to a pub with friends.

Six weeks before the start of filming, a personal trainer was assigned to him. It was he who put the actor on a strict diet and made him practice in the hall for three hours every day. Bale's workouts included basic exercises and complexes for the abdominal muscles. It was worth it. By the beginning of filming, Christian was in gorgeous shape with a weight of 81 kg, and the character of the hero was quite disposed to show the figure in all its glory: you can evaluate his abs in a scene in a solarium, and he will show you powerful back muscles and toned buttocks while running with a chainsaw in his hands behind his next victim, completely naked.

Transform Man: The Amazing Metamorphoses of Christian Bale

Photo: Still from the movie American Psycho

Machinist. The goal is extreme weight loss

The real challenge to Christian was thrown by fate in the form of a painting The Machinist. Bale did not miss his chance and agreed to the role, he was not embarrassed even by the strong thinness of the hero. The actor had to play a man who hadn't slept for almost a year, hadn't eaten, and looked the same. In four months, Christian dropped almost 30 kg to play Trevor Reznik. Bale admitted that he felt great, although he realized that he was destroying himself. There were practically no muscles left on the actor's legs - they looked like matches. The weight was just over 50 kg. And this with an increase of 183 cm!

According to Bale, during the preparation for the film, he gradually reduced his diet to several hundred calories per day. And drank as much as possible to literally wash down the feeling of hunger. Cardio training was almost not required, because during a hunger strike, the body itself burned both fat reserves and the muscles that were once gained. Distraction also helped to lose weight - it saved in those moments when hunger attacked. Hungry - read the book! - this is exactly the principle Bale has adhered to for all four months.

Transform Man: The Amazing Metamorphoses of Christian Bale

Photo: Still from the movie The Machinist

The results were really stunning - in the film The Machinist, the actor amazed with his thinness.
With such weight loss, all body systems suffered, and the risk of stoppinghearts have more than doubled. But, as it turned out, the story of Christian Bale's weight changes was just beginning here.

After The Engineer, Bale dropped weight twice more for roles in the films Rescue Dawn and The Fighter. Moreover, as the actor later noted, no director demanded from him to lose so much weight - they all said that he could think of something, play with makeup or light. But there was no need to invent: Christian did everything himself.

Transform Man: The Amazing Metamorphoses of Christian Bale

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Transform Man: The Amazing Metamorphoses of Christian Bale

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Batman. The goal is to pump up in 6 weeks

Not surprising, because it is difficult to imagine Batman weighing 50 kg. Christian did a great job for the role of a superhero: after total exhaustion of the body, he gained almost 40 kg in just 6 weeks. He needed to gain not only weight, but also muscle mass in order to maintain mobility in the Batman suit. Christian worked hard on himself: it was training with weights, and a plentiful calorie diet.

Transform Man: The Amazing Metamorphoses of Christian Bale

Photo: Still from the movie Batman: Start

Bale ate everything he could, and as much as possible. Christian was afraid that after a long fast, he simply would not be able to eat in large quantities. But this did not happen, and sometimes even the opposite happened: I had to go to the doctors when Bale lost his sense of proportion. From a minimum of calories, he came to almost a maximum - the total calorie intake was almost 4000 kcal per day. Daily, he ate 350 grams of protein, 500 grams of carbohydrates and 70-90 - fat.

Transform Man: The Amazing Metamorphoses of Christian Bale

Photo: Still from the movie The Dark Knight: Rebirth of the legend

The director could not even imagine that the Christian, with whom he spoke only a month and a half ago, would become so big. Colleagues even joked about him: Are we shooting Batman or Girman ?. The actor continued his training, turned excess fat into relief and became the Christian that we saw in the role of Batman. It should be noted that Bale did without anabolic drugs: from them he turned out to be in his youth due to side effects. But training only in the gym was not enough: the role of a superhero involved the skills of hand-to-hand combat and the ability to handle cold weapons, which Bale mastered almost perfectly.

In 2008, he returned to this image, but between the films again managed to lose weight by 20 kg for a role in the picture Saving Dawn. However, in the second part of the Batman trilogy, the scales were the same 86 kg, although the actor seemed a little slimmer to the audience. The rules for preparing for the film were unchanged: manyth food and workout.

Transform Man: The Amazing Metamorphoses of Christian Bale

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Transform Man: The Amazing Metamorphoses of Christian Bale

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American-style scam. Goal - to gain 30 kg

Bale again did not need fasting sessions. On the contrary, the actor had to get fat - from 67 to 92 kg. After all, this time he was not playing a muscular hero or a skinny drug addict, but a con man with a solid belly.

Transform Man: The Amazing Metamorphoses of Christian Bale

Photo: Still from the movie Scam American style

However, after losing weight again for the role of Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings, Bale had to once again put on weight to play former US Vice President Dick Cheney. But, most likely, this was the last cardinal transformation. As Bale said in an interview with ET Canada, he is now too old for rapid weight changes. Now Christian is 45 and, although we believe that he is still young, it is worth saving your body.

Despite the fact that Christian Bale is a role model for many, we would not recommend losing or gaining weight so dramatically ... After all, such changes in the body can cause serious diseases. And if Christian did it for the sake of his career and under the supervision of specialists, then you probably have time to wait a few months and get the desired figure without sacrifice.

Transform Man: The Amazing Metamorphoses of Christian Bale

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Christian Bale Weight Gained and Lost Throughout His Entire Career

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