Training without results. What to eat to make muscles grow

Often, the men in the gym do not notice the results of their workouts and immediately go to the burger shop to gain weight. Is this approach useful for muscle growth and what is there to pump up? Dealing with an expert of the Championship, wellness coach Andrey Semeshov .

Why don't muscles grow?

I go to the gym two / three / four times a week, for I train 200%, but the muscles do not grow. Or another option - the mass is confidently arriving, but only the percentage of fat and desired muscle volumes leaves much to be desired, to put it mildly, better. Everything is lost and you can't argue against genetics? Well, not everything is so sad and hopeless.

According to my observations, people come to the gym to solve two problems: either to lose weight, or to tighten the buttocks (the male option is to blind the convex chest and biceps).

Yes, looking at a very significant percentage of those involved, you understand that no global changes in their figures are expected. Not in a month, not in a year. I personally know many examples when people visit the gym 2-4 times a week for years, but this is not reflected in their appearance from the word at all.

Training without results. What to eat to make muscles grow

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Suppose we have a watch in the gym must be converted into a result in the form of muscle. We will also determine that we consider our training program to be effective by default, that is, the body receives a clear signal - more muscles are needed. But this does not happen.

In this case, the reason lies in the flaws in the diet. If, when losing weight, the proportion between workouts and calories is about 15% to 85%, then in the case of gaining muscle mass, I see a fair 50% to 50% ratio.

Training without results. What to eat to make muscles grow


How to increase muscle mass?

The main difficulty is that for us these muscles are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing ... And for our body, this is just a side effect, and not the most pleasant one. The fact is that muscle tissue is very energy intensive. And just keeping it at rest requires a noticeable amount of calories. And humanity as a species was formed in an era when there were no pies for the stock in the five and the auchan. And today the food, let's say, got caught, but tomorrow and after tomorrow - no. The main task in such a situation is to ensure survival. In the first place are the brain, nervous system, heart muscle, and other internal organs. Everyone needs to provide a living wage. And in such a situation, it is also irrational and wasteful to contain upturned buttocks or biceps 45 cm. An impermissible luxury. Fat reserves are another matter. They practically do not require energy for their maintenance, on the contrary - in a hungry period it is quite possible to feed them the brain, and the heart, and everything else.

So make our body acquire lYour muscles can only be done if two conditions are met. First, to give a clear signal that the current level does not guarantee survival at all (we will not catch up with the mammoth or we will be crushed by a barbell on squats). Second, to demonstrate convincingly and systematically that everything is fine with the availability of food resources, we are not in danger of hunger. Only if these conditions are met will your body agree that in this case muscles become not a luxury, but a means of transportation that you can quite afford.

Training without results. What to eat to make muscles grow


What to eat to gain weight?

Obviously, the easiest route to this goal is through conditional fast food. We make it a rule to visit at least three times a day, not forgetting to nod at the suggestion to add a seasonal pie and ice cream. During breaks, a large latte with caramel syrup and a cap of whipped cream is a must. And everything will be fine on the scales - a stable increase in kilograms is ensured. But visually, it will all look completely different from Instagram. And all the coveted muscles will be reliably masked by a fat layer. What's the catch? First of all, in quantity, and secondly, as a building material for our dream figure.

Alas, any manipulations with the body, whether it be losing weight or gaining weight, rest on the calculation of calories. There are, of course, adherents of the so-called intuitive approach, listening to what our body needs and how much it needs at a given moment, but ... But my practice shows that this all works for some mythical characters. If I start to be intuitive, I will very quickly return to the state from which I once started my trip to fitness: 105 kg, tightly packed in fat reserves. And someone, on the contrary, will remain thin as a splinter. Therefore - counting calories.

Training without results. What to eat to make muscles grow

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How to start counting calories?

From finding your point zero - the amount of energy that you need to maintain current volumes. The fastest (but not very accurate) way is to use ready-made formulas, substituting your parameters (gender, age, height and weight) in them. Then we multiply the resulting number by the coefficient of physical activity. For a 30-year-old woman who is 165 cm tall and weighs 56 kg, who regularly visits the fitness center, this would be 1650-1800 calories. For her 35-year-old companion 175 cm tall and weighing 82 kg - 2000-2200 calories.

And then these figures need to be correlated with how many calories you actually eat per day. And here unpleasant surprises may open for many, like the fact that Big Tasty contains 812 Kcal. And it immediately becomes clear why the world is overwhelmed by the obesity epidemic, right?

But let's not talk about sad things! We have decided on the level of maintenance calories. Our next challenge- to create the very surplus (excess food) that will convince the body that it can afford to respond to the torment in the gym with muscle growth. And here, like in a computer game, different levels of difficulty begin.

Training without results. What to eat to make muscles grow


Easy mode

To play on the minimum difficulty level, simply increase the calorie content. The only question is how much. In order to create 1 gram of new muscle tissue, you need 5-8 Kcal. I repeat, this should be exactly the surplus calorie content, which will remain after all the basic needs for energy supply are closed. We set ourselves an ambitious goal - + 1 kg of muscle per month. And it turns out that we need about 6500 Kcal per month plus. Or 200 with a penny of extra calories every day. That's about a quarter of Big Tasty. Anything on top of these values ​​is likely to replenish your fat reserves.

Training without results. What to eat to make muscles grow

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Hard mode

How to play on advanced difficulty? We'll have to go into details even more. Yes, calories decide, and even with the very PP-shnom, or, as it is also called, pure nutrition, you can put on weight to the size of 3XXL. Equally as you can lose weight by eating exclusively ice cream.
We get calories from three nutrients - proteins, fats and carbohydrates. For us, it is a building material for muscle tissue. Here, as at a regular construction site: they brought in good bricks, cement and so on - you get a solid and reliable structure. If the source code is not very good, then the final result will be appropriate.
Therefore, we unscrew the difficulty settings to maximum speed - we understand nutritionology. I will tell you more about this in the next article.

Training without results. What to eat to make muscles grow

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Training without results. What to eat to make muscles grow

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