Training with an athlete: Mot and Tarasov play football

Amateur and professional sports are very different from each other, but everything changes when serious football battles subside, and two good friends, a few balls and one goal remain on the field.


Star guest: artist of Black Star Mot label

- Why football?

Mot: At the age of 10, my best friend showed me a couple of matches of Real Madrid. I'm a layman. The next day, he took me with him to the football section in Krasnodar. At the very first training session, I accidentally scored a goal in my own goal and realized that I definitely would not become a professional, but I definitely want to continue to go with this game side by side with this game.

Training with an athlete: Mot and Tarasov play football

Photo: Anton Ermakov - Championship

- What is the trick of amateur football? What is important to remember when you play not for the result, but for your pleasure?

- The difference between an amateur and a professional is in the level of training. Well, in the salary (smiles) . The trick of amateur football is that you leave your Achilles and menisci intact, and your failures and victories are not discussed by the whole country.

- Do you have any favorite football exercises?

- Always badly minted the ball. I still don't know how and don't like. I cannot say the same about any drills related to striking and dribbling. Whoever hit the bar the least time is the one who does push-ups (smiles) .

Training with an athlete: Mot and Tarasov play football

Training with athletes

Photo: Anton Ermakov - Championship

- Are you on the field and are you alike in real life? Or are they two different people in sports and on stage?

- Sports and scene are very similar. You need to be an ardent workaholic if you want to achieve high results, do not feel sorry for yourself and show a creative approach. I think if I went to the football section from childhood and set myself the goal of playing at a professional level, the footballer Mot would be no less recognizable than the artist Mot is now.

- Do you have Are you idols in the world of football - cult footballers, favorite football clubs?

- I come from the Kuban, so since childhood I supported the club of the same name and went with friends to the stadium in Krasnodar. My uncle is a railroad worker, so there was always sympathy for Lokomotiv (I especially watched every match during the times of Loskov, Sychev, Pimenov). And finally, Real Madrid is the love of my life. At first, I fell in love with the star galacticos, simply because at that time all the top football players in the world were playing there. Then I was imbued with the philosophy, the history of this Royal Club and I know that I will root for it until the end of my days, regardless of the names of the players, coach and president. In their latest track, the Dallas Club of Spiteful Critics dedicated a couple of lines to Real Madrid. All of them at the Bernabeu. Favorite player there now is Isco. In great order!

- If one of your songs could become the anthem of FCLocomotive, what kind of track would it be?

- Definitely not a song At the bottom (smiles) . Let this be a Great song. Although I would specially write a hymn for Loko.

Training with an athlete: Mot and Tarasov play football

Mot at FC Lokomotiv stadium

Photo: Anton Ermakov - Championship

- How long have you been friends with Tarasov and how did this friendship begin?

- He invited me to speak at a corporate party, it was about five years ago. At that time, I was not yet an artist on the Black Star label, but simply wrote for myself and posted songs on the Web. Who would have thought then that a few years later he would be a witness at my wedding.

- Continue the phrase: For me football is ...

- The best ball game in the world!


Star Guest : FC Lokomotiv midfielder Dmitry Tarasov.

- How long does the training of professional football players take?

Dmitry Tarasov: We have a full cycle. Everything can be different, but the closer the day of the game, the usually lighter the training itself. In the middle of the week we have two days when the workload is very high. To do this, we have a special physical fitness trainer who helps to create the program correctly and in a balanced way.

Training with an athlete: Mot and Tarasov play football

Dmitry Tarasov in an interview for the Championship

Photo: Anton Ermakov - Championship

- How often does FC Lokomotiv train?

- Now such a schedule that we have no days off at all. The maximum is one or two days every two weeks. But a person can get used to everything, I personally got used to such a regime and I am rather comfortable living in such a schedule.

- Does the team have a vacation between games and how do you spend it?

- The longest vacation we have in the winter is the winter vacation, two to three weeks. I always try to go to rest somewhere in warm countries, where there is a lot of sun, which is not so often in Moscow. I definitely visit the gym on vacation, sometimes I run and combine all this with relaxation.

- What moments in your career were turning and decisive for you?

- So As I have been playing in the same team for six years, this, of course, the transition to Lokomotiv, to a big club - this is one of the most significant moments in my career for me. At first glance, I didn't earn so many trophies here, but we won the Russian Cup. Even when there are national camps, it is always a great pride and responsibility for me to play for my country. Well, from the nearest ... May 2, the Cup final - I think it will also be a very important day both for me and for the team, because first of all it is an opportunity to get another trophy.

- At what age is it better to start playing football?

- In my time, when I was little, it was much more difficult with this. Now football is developing: there are both children's and youth sections, and individual schools forI am all kids, about 3 years old. But it seems to me that 3 years is very early, now 6-7 years is the time to start playing football.

- How often do you get to play football with friends?

- Very little time, but whenever there is such an opportunity, I am very happy to meet and play. This is a completely different atmosphere, friendly. Not so long ago we played with a friend outside the city, completely different sensations, when you realize that after that you will have a bathhouse and a barbecue ( smiles ). But this very rarely happens with my schedule.

Training with an athlete: Mot and Tarasov play football

Photo: Anton Ermakov - Championship

- What about idols? Is there someone who has always been an example and a motivator?

- When I was engaged in childhood, I had idols, now, of course, no. Now I have such a conscious age: I myself can point out mistakes to myself, I can draw conclusions myself, and I even consider it wrong to imitate someone. As a child, it was in Spartak Yegor Titov and Zinedine Zidane in their best years.

- Continue the phrase: Football is ..

- The meaning of my life ... Football is very important to me, which is why I gave it most of my life. No matter how things develop further, in any case I want to link my life with the football structure.

Training with an athlete: Mot and Tarasov play football

Photo: Anton Ermakov - Championship

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