The 5x5 Training System - How to get bigger & stronger

Training system 5x5. Mass Gain Workout

The 5x5 system is a simple and at the same time effective training technique that allows you to spend a minimum of time and achieve maximum results. This system will help you not only increase muscle mass, but also improve performance related to endurance. Fortunately, you don't need to use any special supplements during training, because the set of exercises itself has a powerful impetus to stimulate the hormonal system and increase muscle mass.

Training system 5x5. Mass Gain Workout


What's in a workout? 5 basic exercises

5x5 workouts are suitable for all groups of athletes. The main feature of the system is simplicity and efficiency. To build muscle and get stronger, you need to find a barbell, a bench, and five basic exercises.

1. Squat with a barbell on the back: 5 sets of 5 times.

Training system 5x5. Mass Gain Workout


2. Bench press: 5 sets of 5 times.
3. Deadlift: 1 set of 5 reps.
4. Bench press standing: 5 sets of 5 times.
5. Bent-over barbell row: 5 sets of 5 reps.

Training schemes

With the help of basic exercises, we can build two workouts with different sequences.

Workout A:
- Squats
- Bench Press
- Barbell Rows.

Workout B:
- Squats
- Press the barbell standing
- Deadlift.

For a successful result, it is enough to train three times a week, alternating between the first and second workouts. Between two workouts, you need to rest at least one day, allow the body to recover.

Schedule for the week

This system also has a schedule that will help you better navigate and understand when to exercise, and when to rest.

Monday - training A.
Tuesday - break.
Wednesday - training V.
Thursday - break.
Friday - training A.
Saturday and Sunday - break.

Since training A was on Friday, next Monday we start with training B.

This is important: top questions

How to choose a weight?

It is worth deciding with what weight you want to start training. Professionals already know their limits and possibilities. For beginners, the following scheme is quite suitable:

- squats, bench press, bench press - 20 kg (barbell bar without pancakes),
- deadlift - 40 kg (hang two pancakes 10 kg each on the bar ),
- bent-over barbell pull - 30 kg (hang two 5 kg pancakes on the bar).

In the early days it will be easy enough, but the weight will grow rapidly.

How to increase weight?

All athletes, especially beginners, need to take a responsible approach to the issue of weight gain. Pay attention to squats first. If you successfully complete reps on all five sets, next time add 2.5 kg - small pancakes of 1.25 kg eachdoy side. If it doesn’t work, continue to work with this weight until it seems too light to you.

How to warm up?

Do not get too involved in cardio, as this will tire the muscles before exercise. Warm up with a gentle jog for 3-5 minutes.

Remember that when you are lifting heavy weights, warm-up sets are a must. They allow you to warm up your target muscles and test your technique.

Do two warm-up sets of five with an empty bar. Then add 10-20 kg and do 2-3 times until you reach your working weight.

Remember not to rest between warm-up sets. Only after them before starting the workout.

How much rest between sets?

At first, you will need only a little rest, since the weight will be small. You can take note and use the following scheme:

- 1.5 minutes if you finished the last set without much effort,
- 3 minutes if you had to try to complete the set,
- 5 minutes if you hit muscle failure on your last rep.

Training system 5x5. Mass Gain Workout


Why is the 5 x 5 system effective?

First of all, this program has several different advantages.

- Working with free weights. You have to maintain balance, which additionally loads the muscles.

- Minimum equipment. All you need is a barbell and a bench, so you can train in any gym or at home, in the park, in the garage.

- Multi-joint exercises. Basic exercises involve more muscles and thus allow you to lift more weight.

- Easy start. Light weights in the first trainings allow you to hone your technique and avoid injury.

- Intensity. The workouts are hard, but short. You finish before you get tired and therefore always stay focused.

- Progressive Overload. Constant weight gain forces your body to adapt faster. Muscles get bigger, bones and tendons stronger.

- A clear plan and confidence. You know what to do at each workout and you are confident that the program works.

- Simplicity. No need to invent, search and select. You master the technique once, and then you just add weight.

The system is suitable for all ages and all genders, including healthy teenagers and people over 40.

The Original 5 X 5 Training Program

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