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Train with Ronaldo: what makes a champion's success

Being an 18-year-old skinny guy, thanks to his undeniable talent in football, Cristiano Ronaldo got to Manchester United and immediately received a jersey with number 7, the owners of which were the world famous David Beckham and Brian Robson. Then, in 2003, he realized that he had to live up to the expectations placed on him and work to the maximum.

14 years later, Russian fans were able to see Cristiano at the match against the Russian national team at the 2017 Confederations Cup in Moscow ... Now his name is known to everyone in the football world and many beyond. In addition, the Portugal striker now has a beautifully sculpted body, and is often called the benchmark.

A footballer takes a variety of off-pitch training sessions five days a week, 3-4 hours each time. But he is not limited to this: in addition to engaging in numerous sports activities, Cristiano follows a diet and is anxious about sleep patterns. What to say, discipline in everything!

What is most important - Ronaldo is to such a way of life not as a dry necessity, but as a favorite business. Perhaps this is the main part of his success. Let's figure out what else the championship consists of.

Intense cardio exercises

It will not come as a surprise to anyone that Cristiano pays great attention to cardio. According to numerous sources, the footballer's body fat is less than 10 percent, which gives his body this definition.

To achieve this result, cardio exercise requires jogging, vigorous walking, cycling or exercise bike, which is the best way to help burn fat in the body and develop the stamina necessary on the football field.

Exhausting circuit training

Speed, agility and power are what evolves thanks to plyometric exercises with his own body weight, which Cristiano performs for about one minute each. This training method is really effective. It gives the so-called explosive power, although in the end it is very exhausting.

The exercises themselves can change every time. Some of the most common and common are jumping, push-ups with claps or jumps, sprints from a sitting position, squats on one leg, and others.

According to the program compiled for Ronaldo by a famous fitness trainerBrad Campbell, footballer performs circular exercises without interruption. However, we still do not advise beginners to do this without professional supervision.

Despite the fact that the exercises are performed at a fairly fast pace, one should not allow any rush and bring oneself to global overwork, a short rest of a minute or two between circles is necessary. The most important thing in movements is a well-set technique.

Increase in strength and endurance

Like no other, Cristiano can boast of powerful muscles of the thighs, back and perfect abs. Strength training using additional weight (dumbbells, barbell), medball, fitball and various sports equipment helps him in this.

A football player does not do without everyone's favorite pull-ups and exercises on the uneven bars, as well as exercises for the front and back muscles of the thighs on a special simulator. As for the abdominal muscles, according to Ronaldo, he can do up to three thousand crunches a day!


In a sport like football, athletes need to work exactly both on their speed, endurance and strength, and on stretching. It is needed to achieve muscle elasticity, and this, in turn, reduces the likelihood of muscle injury during the game.

Good flexibility and stretching is literally freedom of movement and their plasticity. Without stretching, Cristiano would hardly be able to perform some movements in full amplitude, since the muscles would be constrained. It is obvious that in football you cannot do without stretching.

In football, preliminary stretching before training or playing is extremely important in order to properly warm up your muscles for subsequent long work on the field.

Development of balance. and coordination

The striker of the Portuguese national team cannot do without training for coordination and the ability to keep balance. Of course, a footballer with light movement and control over his body plays better than someone who focuses solely on playing technique, endurance and strength.

Cristiano usually uses a hemisphere balance in exercises: on it he tries to maintain balance, standing on one leg in various complicated poses or squatting.

Still, it's worth remembering that the path to success and a healthy, beautiful body lies not only through daily training and physical activity ... Proper diet and sleep patterns are important components of a championship. Ronaldo, for example, tries to get at least eight hours of sleep a day. This is the same norm that doctors advise for an adult. As for nutrition, then, judging by the numerous publications on Instagram, the football player really eats healthy food and advises others to do it. Moreover, the photos prove that it is possible to eat right and tastefully!

The secret to Cristiano Ronaldo's success! #RioReveals

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