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Train like Sharapova: 5 terms of the championship

Not so long ago, Maria Sharapova returned to the big sport after one and a half years spent outside the world tennis arena. Her return was not only memorable for fans and opponents, but also triumphant in the full sense of the word.

During a long period of preparation, Sharapova shared in her instagram publications that made it clear one thing: she did not move away from sports a single step. Daily workouts on the court, classes in the gym, exercises for the development of different muscle groups - all this helps Maria to remain one of the most talented tennis players in the world and, of course, to have a healthy, beautiful body.

The athlete trains for six days week, however, classes are not limited to honing tennis skills. Its program is very rich and varied: it includes intense cardio, strength training, work on coordination and balance, outdoor activities, yoga, salsa and even ... boxing!


What is it for? Like any person involved in sports and keeping fit, Maria pays due attention to cardio exercises. Thanks to them, the tennis player trains the endurance, which is so necessary during numerous sets, the respiratory system and develops the pulse zones. Among other things, it is cardio that contributes to the burning of fat mass and the formation of body relief.

Into your Maria's workout includes running. She often runs outdoors and sometimes complicates her cardio by doing it, for example, not on the asphalt, but on the sand, climbing an inclined surface - this significantly increases the load.

The athlete also included exercise on a stationary bike in her cardio program. These exercises stimulate the abdominal and spinal muscles well and are suitable for those who have had injuries, as the pressure on the knees is less than when running.

Strength training

What for? To look perfect both in real life and on the tennis court, Maria devotes a couple of days a week to strength exercises. With proper strength training, not only muscles, but also joints become stronger.

Of course Maria's workouts are not complete without the beloved squats and lunges. The tennis player performs them with various weights, for example, with a barbell or with a medicine ball. When performing such exercises, it is very important to pay attention to your back: it should be flat. In order to monitor your posture duringsquats were easier, the champion sometimes does them against the wall or uses fitball.

Contrary to false stereotype that exercises with iron can turn a girl into a thug with huge muscles, Maria uses a barbell in her strength training and remains very slim and fit. One of the exercises in her arsenal is the deadlift. Performing it, the athlete works out almost all the muscles of the body: from the hips and buttocks to the muscles of the back and shoulders.

In addition, it is very important for a tennis player to keep her abdominal muscles in good shape. To do this, Maria makes different types of static planks (on two hands and on one) - a simple exercise, but extremely effective.

From the dynamic exercises on the press, the athlete performs the following: from a prone position, she raises the body and legs by 45 degrees (legs can be bent), rests on the buttocks and, together with her partner, throws a light ball.

Coordination and balance

Why? Training for the development of coordination and balance should never be forgotten, especially if you are involved in a sport like tennis. Exercises like these help you feel your body, improve your body skills and give ease of movement.

Exercises with a balance pad are very helpful in developing balance. Maria, for example, makes a swallow on it, which also strengthens the muscles of the back.

Coordination, however, can be developed in the most ordinary conditions, if we do not forget about such a seemingly simple exercise as jumping out.


What for? The answer to the question Why yoga is needed? simple. Both a professional athlete and an amateur need yoga in order to create harmony within themselves.

This is just one of those directions that allows, as they say, to connect your body and mind, to feel yourself. What's more, yoga helps you develop flexibility.


During the disqualification, many managed to notice that Sharapova was seriously interested in boxing. And for good reason. Because boxing primarily develops the muscles of the arms and shoulders, which are directly involved in tennis. The body and legs also do not remain unloaded.

From an emotional point of view, boxing can help splash out negative emotions.

However, it is not recommended to master this martial art on your own. Maria practices boxing with a personal trainer who helps her to maintain the correct technique and can give advice at any time.

The beautiful figure of Maria Sharapova and her success in tennis is not a coincidence, but titanic work and constant work on herself and her body.

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