Trail running: features of preparing for an uphill run

In order to figure out: how cross-country and high-altitude running is fundamentally different from city jogging, how to prepare for the start and at what distances in Russia you can try your hand, we went to the training base Adidas Run Base in Luzhniki, where we met and talked with the trainer of running programs, master of sports in athletics and 3-time champion of Russia Sergey Khomenko .

- What is running at height and how is it fundamentally different from other types of running?

- I'll start with trail running in general. This is a very young form of athletics, which only entered the athletics family in 2015 in Beijing. Basically, athletics has more than 100 disciplines, 25 of them are Olympic and many more interesting subspecies, such as trail running.

- How long ago did trail running appear in Russia?

- In Russia, a series of trail running races among amateurs and pros have been held for the first year, but despite this , it turned out to be a rather powerful running calendar of events. In my opinion, trail running is one of the most spectacular and unpredictable types of athletics. It is very important to calculate your strengths, the specifics of such races and preparation for them are very different from ordinary running training. When preparing for a trail start, you won't get off with jogging in the park, you will need to connect both strength and functional training in order to train strength and endurance.

Trail running: features of preparing for an uphill run

- What distance would you recommend to start from? Are there any unique distances in the specifics of trail running?

- There are different types of races in the trail run, there are distances for beginners - this is about 4 kilometers, for example, the nearest start will be at adidas Run High! (learn more) in the Krylatsky Hills area. This is done so that you can try, feel the track and understand how close you are to running in this style. At the same time, distances reach 80 km or, for example, 112 km, as it will be in August at the adidas Elbrus World Race. Such a spread in kilometers makes it possible to grow and develop in this direction. I have a lot of guys in the group who train and prepare for ultra-long distances, but, of course, it's not so easy for you to get 80 or 112 km, the organizers usually arrange a special selection and put forward a number of necessary criteria.

- What are these criteria usually?

- For example, compulsory participation in a marathon. And in general, everywhere a number of requirements differ depending on the climb, length and specifics of the route.

- How different are the tracks for trail races?

- Each track is unique and unpredictable. Even to the extent that the coatings are very different from each other. We often train here, in the center of Moscow, in Luzhniki, there are a lot of different paths, ascents, asphalt, earthen, stone surfaces. But even with such a variety, guess andit is impossible to predict what will happen at a distance. For example, when you come to Elbrus, everything is very different, many even jokingly call the stones that are found there, Martian. Plus, there are many loose surfaces in the mountains. This year, when I climbed Mount Vesuvius in Rome, I came across an amazing view of rocks: in most places the coating consisted of small volcanic chips.

- In short, what is a trail run?

- Summing up, I would say that a trail run is a constant struggle with oneself and the elements ... Plus, it's a great travel opportunity. For example, this year I took part in the competition and at the same time visited Novorossiysk and Gelendzhik, which I had never been to before. Broadened my horizons. I think the trail in Russia has great potential. There are many unexplored tracks and potential distances. This year Krasnaya Polyana hosted the Rosa Run running festival. Many of my friends said that they now know how they will celebrate the May holidays year after year.

Trail running: features of preparing for an uphill run

- How to prepare for races in mountains?

- Trail-run is only gaining momentum in Russia. It's only the beginning. Therefore, it is very cool that we are already here at the base preparing and preparing everyone for such starts. The training program itself, which we have at Run Base, is designed for 12 weeks. We call it a kind of intensive. It is designed for people of absolutely any level, we have certain restrictions on the pulse and time, which allow everyone who wants to practice and prepare for their distance. Our training and results show that, regardless of gender and age, people can successfully work on themselves and achieve their goals.

- What difficulties can you face at a distance?

- There are such races as adidas Elbrus World Race, which imply not just overcoming yourself, but rather confident and systematic ascent to your goal. At first glance, the distances may seem very simple. Well, for example, what does 11 km mean for an ordinary person? Many will say: only 11 km. But this is not so easy, because such distances involve a climb - on Elbrus it is 1840 m, and the track itself will not always allow you to run, sometimes you will need to switch to walking.

- Is it possible to expect that, having run in the mountains, you are ready for any distance on the plain?

- It all depends on the level of training, in our training everything is organized cyclically. Many guys study for about seven months, starting in March and finishing in September. Therefore, we usually manage to build the process very competently, to include both 5 km and 7 km races in the preparation process.

- How often should you train?

- I recommend doing no more than two trail workouts per week, because you need to understand that this is a very large load on the support locomotor apparatus. Plus, you can't only do trail run.all year round, it is imperative to alternate moments with running on the plain.

- How to prepare for a race in the mountains, being in the city?

- Of course, it's great to be born and live in the mountains, and also so that a good coach is with you in the mountains ( smiles ). But, of course, not everyone has such an opportunity. In terms of preparation, it's great to go to the mountains at least a few times a year. We need to appreciate what we have here and now: for example, today I was on the metro, there is an escalator, in principle I always walk on it only on foot - here is one of the possibilities for power loading during the day. In general, there are a lot of cool places in Moscow where you can prepare for trail running: Filyovskaya Embankment, Krylatskie Hills.

- What a beginner needs to know when choosing trail gear?

- Trail running shoes are very different. For me, it was a big breakthrough in shoe making when the Continental sole came in. It is ideal for tackling slippery and uneven surfaces. If you are wearing the right shoes, then, according to my personal feelings, only cats will hold up better in the mountains. In addition, the sneakers must be waterproof, because somewhere you may need to run on water, somewhere closer to the top there may be snow. You need to be ready for everything. We start, of course, with shoes, but everything else is equally important, we should have lightweight and at the same time waterproof and windproof clothing. Many people very often take raincoats with them, because the weather in the mountains is very changeable.

A selection of running exercises from Sergey Khomenko, which you can include in your workout today:

Easy jump run

Deer run exercise

Running with a high hip lift and jumping up

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