When All This Passes [A Trail Running Film]

Trail running: 4 stories that will make you fall in love with trail running

On June 17, the Sport-Marathon Trail , a cross-country race for 10, 35, 55 and 106 km, took place in the Nikola-Lenivets art park in the Kaluga region. The championship conducted reconnaissance in force: I ran 10 km, met friends at the finish line of each distance and asked them how to overcome such distances, survive in the fight against the scorching sun and insects and not stop loving running.

The trail is romance: there are endless fields, forests, birds singing, the grass rustles, and you endlessly run, watch nature, become a part of it, especially when you find yourself cut off from a group of runners - beauty! I want to share the stories of people who do not run trails for the first place, but for fun, because once it was these living stories that helped me move from highway to natural running and fall in love with trail running.

Ekaterina Khromova, Rotunda distance - 10 km

Last time I ran the trail three years ago and also here, in Nikola-Lenivets. I was preparing for a marathon in Berlin then and thought it would be a good idea to run 30 km as a workout. The experience, of course, is specific, but for some reason I really wanted to repeat it at a smaller distance.
It takes a long time to get to the Kaluga region, but the nature and the art park are worth it. Everything you need for life is within walking distance: a cafe, showers, toilets, a starting town, a campground, etc. In Nikola-Lenivets, the Archstoyanie festival is held annually, so there are many unusual structures in the park, and the race track just runs near all objects. My friends and I rented tents very close to the starting town. On Saturday, we rested, walked, and on Sunday, vigorous and slept, ran modest distances for fun and returned to Moscow.
It was hot, there were blood-sucking insects, but not a single horsefly bit me in the top ten, but guys from longer distances, probably got it. For some reason, there was no refreshment point, and without water in the scorching sun it was hard, especially for novice runners. Nevertheless, I will definitely go next time, just take water with me and will not run more than 10 km.

Anastasia Konovalova, distance Möbius Trail - 35 km

A week before the start I was asked if I was running the Sport-Marafon Trail. I thought: Strange, why am I not running? - and registered, also invited friends with me to take them and make the company. Naturally, I didn't specially prepare for the race, but I thought that my training base would be enough.

From the start, there was a heap of thoughts in my head. I was late, chose the wrong mode on the watch, then after 1 km I realized it and started training again. The first 10 km, for some reason, the hydrator did not work, and I thought that this was all to spite me, such a heat, and I was without water. Then the long-awaited forest began: I just enjoyed the track and the fact thathow well it ran. Singing birds, wind, rustling grass, buzzing midges, winding forest trails, the ability to be alone with yourself and nature for many kilometers - this is what we all love trails for and run them again and again!
I am delighted with everything, I felt comfortable: the food at the food points is delicious, there was enough water for everyone, the markings were very precise. The Sport-Marathon store is cool, so the race was up to the mark. The art objects were not touched to the core, but the place for the race was good. I was ready for anything, so there was no thought to give up, even on a steep hill before the finish. The running experience and love of adventures did not disappoint. Now I want to run more, but a longer distance.

Svetlana Lysenko, distance Heat Bird - 55 km

Having won a slot on this trail, I wanted to choose 35 km. But after talking to a friend with whom I ran part of the Elton Volgabus Ultra-Trail, I changed the slot for a longer distance. The race in Nikola-Lenivets was not planned, but I was ready for long distances, because I trained all winter, ran two marathons and two ultra trails.

For those who run summer natural starts, I would recommend handling everything things against insects in advance and do not forget to take a supply of food and water with you. Although the organizers of this race took everything into account: they pleased the food outlets, and a separate plus were showers near the starting town and buckwheat at the finish line with and without meat for vegetarians. On the spring trail in Nikola-Lenivets, for the first time in the history of participation in races, I left the distance of 42 km, the fault was the weather collapse. But now I took revenge and even took the fifth place among women! During the race, the thought of retirement did not occur to me, no matter how painful or hard it was. I would like, of course, to run without any previous injuries, but this result pleased me too.
Special thanks to the organizers for the children's start. Full medals, T-shirts from sponsor Mizuno, like adults, and, of course, a huge soft elk that brightened up the whole trip to his son.

Fedor Andreyanov, distance Bobourg - 106 km

This year there were no long trails in my running plan, but there was a free week and I decided to register for this race. There were a lot of good reviews about the winter trail in Nikola-Lenivets, in addition, the organizers Anton Zhilin and Kristina Potapova brightly illuminated the upcoming race on the Web: photos from the distance and stories about the track persuaded me to participate, I wanted to see and feel everything that the team had prepared organizers. I already had experience with ultra trails, so I knew that I could finish. But if the decision to run was not spontaneous, I would have been preparing for about four months.
I wanted to get maximum pleasure from running, but the scorching sun was very disturbing. Sometimes there was no strength left to fight and had to deceive consciousness in every possible way, persuading himself that soonthere will be a forest with a shadow in it, etc. The heat worsened the result. The next time I run (probably also 106 km), I will definitely take several ampoules with magnesium and salt tablets with me.

I had to admire the Art Park on the run, and I liked it: I even looked at it onto the Arch of Bernasconi and ran a turn. But the lineup was great and I quickly figured out where to go next. In general, the Sport-Marafon Trail is organized at a high level. In the starting town there was everything you need for the race, volunteers helped in difficult orienteering places, and where the good locals removed the markings, the organizers quickly restored them. The race was created and conducted by very sympathetic and kind guys who are ready to support and help everyone. The trail left only positive emotions!

The next X-Race Wild Trail will take place on July 8th. It is not the flat fields of Nikola-Lenivets that promise, but something more interesting: hills, fords, wetlands, fallen trees and everyone's favorite paths through forests and fields. Registration is open until July 4th, hurry up!

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