20 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Traffic light: how to build food to avoid dieting

It has long been known that in order to feel good, to keep the figure and skin in good shape, you need to eat right. But where can you get instructions so as not to be led to endless pp-recipes on social networks and fitness bars at the checkout in the supermarket? You need to cook healthy meals from the right products.

During fitness testing at Crocus Fitness Kuntsevo we talked with doctors and finally got this coveted list of healthy and harmful products for our health. Let's share with you.

Traffic light: how to build food to avoid dieting

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This is not a diet

It is difficult to call such a nutritional system a diet. Losing weight quickly and much you will not succeed. However, after a month of restrictions on some products, you can see the result. The skin will gain radiance and glow, it will become more elastic, the metabolism will accelerate, and the arrow on the scales will gradually shift towards the norm.

What is the point?

The main rule of nutrition is Traffic lights: everything products are divided into those that need to be limited as much as possible, acceptable in small quantities and recommended.

Prohibited - red - are almost completely excluded from the diet, the use of acceptable - yellow - is allowed in moderation, preferably until 18:00, the recommended ones, the green ones, represent the basis of your menu.

Red (limit as much as possible)

Carbohydrates Proteins Fats
White bread
Milk and yoghurts with sugar
Sweet fruits
Pasta, spaghetti, Chips, popcorn, White rice, Potatoes, Corn
Processed meat: bacon, sausages, sausages, ham, hamburgers, hot dogs
Milk and yoghurts with sugar and 3.2% fat content or higher
Margarine - Coconut oil
Animal fats (like mayonnaise)
Traffic light: how to build food to avoid dieting

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Carbohydrates Proteins Fats
Apricot, peach, eggplant, Brussels sprouts
Zucchini, grapefruit
Green peas
Plum, pumpkin, strawberry
Turnip, zucchini
Dark meat of chickens, turkeys
Home cottage cheese
Cold-smoked low-fat cuts
Red meats
Soy products: milk, tofu
Vegetable oils: corn, sunflower
Light cream cheese


Carbohydrates Proteins Fats
Green beans - Broccoli, cauliflower - Celery, cucumber, fresh mushrooms - Garlic, green onion - Chile - Lettuce, spinach, lettuce - Parsley, radish Low-fat cheeses
Low-fat cottage cheese
K / m products 1-1.5%
Egg (1-2 pieces per week)
Fresh fish
Morfoods, lean meat: chicken, turkey, veal
Fish oil
Linseed oil
Grape seed oil
Olive oil (small amount)


Yes, and proper nutrition has limitations. Pay special attention to foods on the yellow list and consult your personal doctor about what and how much you can consume. This is especially true for people with stomach and kidney problems, as well as pregnant women.

Traffic light: how to build food to avoid dieting

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What else do you need to know?

Of course, the doctor did not leave us without general advice. Top recommendations:

  • drink clean water (learn to listen to your body);
  • increase the number of meals up to 5 times a day and decrease the serving size;
  • last meal no later than 20:00;
  • increase the time of physical activity and decrease the pace, for example, run not little and fast, but longer and slower;
  • record constant wake-up and bedtime times;
  • eat at the same time.

Following these simple rules will help you not only lose weight, but also keep it normal. And most importantly, so you do not limit yourself in vitamins and nutrients obtained from food. Everything you need will be stored in your diet.

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