My Third Q & A Answering Your Questions On Cooking For The British Royal Family

Traditions and prohibitions: what do members of the royal family eat?

You might think that members of the royal family live in comfort and absolutely do not deny themselves anything. Including the abundance of dishes in the daily diet. However, the traditional menu of Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the British monarchy is striking in its severity and monotony. Let's share some interesting facts about what the monarchs eat and what traditions they adhere to.

At the behest of the Queen

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the entire menu of the palace depends on the wishes and preferences of the Queen. Only she chooses the dishes that will be on the dinner table. Elizabeth II's diet is scheduled three days in advance, and she is closely monitoring its implementation.

Garlic taboo

They say that the queen hates garlic, so a strict one is imposed on it in the palace ban. There is an explanation for this: representatives of the monarchy simply cannot allow them to smell unpleasant. Her dislike of garlic was confirmed by Duchess Camilla during a performance at the MasterChef show in Australia in 2018. She said that such a product is not on the royal menu and at the same time shared the preferences of the Prince of Wales. And he's clearly partial to cheese and eggs.

Traditions and prohibitions: what do members of the royal family eat?

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Traditions and prohibitions: what do members of the royal family eat?

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Minimum carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are not welcome at Buckingham Palace either. For a long time Elizabeth II does not eat rice, pasta and potatoes. It's very simple: the monarchs do not want to spoil the figure. That is why the royal family refused high-calorie meals.

Perhaps this could be one of the reasons for disagreement with Meghan Markle. After all, before the girl became the wife of Prince Harry, she did not deny herself the opportunity to eat pizza or fast food.

Only fresh produce

This also applies to seasonal berries, vegetables and fruits. Former Royal Chef Darren McGrady said:

Many members of the royal family are fond of gardening. Prince Charles tends his own organic vegetable garden in Gloucestershire, and Prince Philip has managed to grow black truffles that cost 1,000 euros per kilogram. True, the Duke of Edinburgh does not sell them.

Traditions and prohibitions: what do members of the royal family eat?

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Traditions and prohibitions: what do members of the royal family eat?

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Kate Middleton is a role model

Among all members of the royal family, the Duchess of Cambridge is the standard in terms of nutrition. She strictly monitors the diet, prefers lean meats and plant products. In addition, Kate is fond of raw food, so once a week she only eats fresh vegetables and fruits. One of the Duchess's favorite dishes is gazpacho.

Royal sweets

And the queen can't resist the sweet. Chocolate sponge cake can be seen on the table almost every day. On the road, Elizabeth II also takes a piece with her. The staff of the palace jokes that it is strictly forbidden to approach the dessert, as the queen will be furious if even a crumb is missing.

Rich tea biscuits with thick chocolate icing and classic English biscuits are not only a favorite delicacy of Elizabeth II. Her grandson, Prince William, shares his grandmother's love. Even at his wedding, he ate this very sweetness.

Cakes are not the only weakness of the prince ... He loves steaks. For a while, Kate Middleton tried to influence her husband's nutrition by adding more fresh vegetables and fruits to it. However, William did not dare to change his preferences.

Traditions and prohibitions: what do members of the royal family eat?

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