Liver Damage - 11 Warning Signs

Toxins have accumulated. How to recognize abnormal liver function

Fatigue, drowsiness, absent-mindedness are symptoms that everyone has diagnosed at least once. But what if all these are not at all signs of autumn depression or the usual vitamin deficiency? Elevated levels of toxic ammonia in the body may be causing the problem. This indicates that liver function is impaired.

As part of a special Championship project, we will tell you what alarming symptoms you should listen to and how not to jeopardize your future and your liver.

Functions liver. What is a vital organ responsible for?

Almost all our organs and systems are in the liver's area of ​​responsibility. It serves a ton of functions at the same time.

Toxins have accumulated. How to recognize abnormal liver function


  • Protection from poisons and allergens. One of the most important functions of the liver is the barrier function. It neutralizes the products of protein metabolism, taking them from the blood. It is in this organ that toxins, poisons and allergens that enter our body are neutralized.
  • Weight balance. The liver secretes bile, which the body needs to digest food. The organ is also involved in the synthesis of cholesterol and controls fat metabolism, helps regulate hormonal levels.
  • Energy production. In addition, the liver produces glucose - the main source of energy.
This is interesting: according to the World Health Organization (WHO), various liver diseases occur in 2 billion people, and this figure is increasing every year.

Negative factors. What can be bad for the liver?

  • Fast food, fatty foods and overeating. Bad habits, snacks on the run and love of fast food - all this one way or another affects the work of a vital organ. The worst thing is if you go to fast food regularly, as the increase in ammonia levels is largely due to the cumulative effect.
  • Alcohol .
  • Bad ecology.
  • Some medications. Not all, but many medications affect the liver. Therefore, it is so important not to self-medicate and consult a doctor before using them.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
Toxins have accumulated. How to recognize abnormal liver function


But I'm a healthy lifestyle. I can't have liver problems! I eat right, play sports, do not abuse alcohol

Liver malfunctions and accumulated toxins do not mean at all that you drink alcohol for days, live near toxic production and constantly raid for fatty burgers. There are other reasons as well.

  • Protein diet. Even a completely harmless, at first glance, protein diet sometimes leads to liver problems. Our liver may simply not cope with a situation when an increased amount of protein enters the body. With such diets,It leads to the accumulation of ammonia in the body under the influence of metabolic stress. Excess ammonia, in turn, negatively affects the liver and brain. As a result, concentration of attention decreases, constant fatigue appears. The drug Hepa-Merz in granules can help reduce the level of ammonia and reduce the symptoms of asthenia (fatigue, lethargy). It must be taken three times a day, dissolved in a glass of water.
  • Sports nutrition. According to American researchers, every year more and more cases of liver diseases are recorded, which are associated with the intake of sports supplements. So, once you've set an ambitious fitness goal and started taking lots of supplements, think about how to protect your liver!
Toxins have accumulated. How to recognize abnormal liver function


Sports and ammonia

Daily exercise and protein nutrition can lead to toxin (ammonia) build-up. Even a slight increase in ammonia in the blood leads to loss of concentration, deterioration of reactions, irritability. Agree, going in for sports in this state is almost unrealistic. The main role of the liver in such a situation is to neutralize these very toxins. However, if the liver fails, blood ammonia levels can rise!

The main causes of increased toxins in athletes are:

  • high sports loads;
  • protein-rich food;
  • eating protein mixtures and shakes;
  • liver disease.

In addition to the fact that such intoxication is obviously harmful, increased ammonia in the blood negatively affects muscles, leading to a decrease in muscle mass and strength. It can also cause slower recovery after exercise.

Interesting: ammonia, being a toxin, begins to affect the brain, causing fatigue, attention disorder, sleep disturbance.
Toxins have accumulated. How to recognize abnormal liver function


Check your liver in 40 seconds

Mild symptoms such as increased fatigue and distraction during the day can either not attract attention at all, or be misinterpreted. Therefore, in the presence of such symptoms, it is important to think about the health of the liver and undergo timely diagnostics.

There are various tests in a medical laboratory. However, it is possible to suspect the presence of liver dysfunction and an elevated level of ammonia in the blood remotely - using a special online test. In just 40 seconds and absolutely free of charge, anyone can take a test on the website liver test.rf. If you fail to pass it several times in a row, think about the health of your liver and make an appointment with a doctor.

How to get rid of toxins and protect your liver?

To detoxify the body from ammonia, protectliver and prevent the transition of liver disease to more serious stages, it is necessary to start treatment on time. Hepa-Merz is an over-the-counter drug that has many-sided effects on liver function and metabolism. It is applicable for the treatment of various liver diseases from the earliest stages. The first step to a healthy liver can be detoxification from ammonia, then, thanks to the complex effect of the drug, liver function is restored and metabolism improves in general.

Take care of your health and do not get used to alarming symptoms, but fight them. There are many new sports victories and personal records ahead of you!

There are contraindications. You need to consult a specialist.

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