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Towards perfect skin. List of foods to help get rid of acne

Beauty, health and youthfulness of the skin are the result of our direct actions. And first of all food. Together with Anna Berseneva , a nutritionist and nutritionist, we will understand how the correct diet helps to fight imperfections and what foods should be included in it.

If you are already worried skin problems, including acne, remember that proper nutrition is only part of a comprehensive treatment. A balanced diet will certainly benefit the body, but will not exclude the need to contact a competent specialist.

What foods lead to skin problems?

All possible problems - from acne to various irregularities, insufficient turgor and wrinkles - this is what the skin shows us those unfavorable processes that occur inside the body. Let's start figuring out who is the enemy of food and who is the best friend for our skin.

Towards perfect skin. List of foods to help get rid of acne


The main ill-wishers are:

  • refined sugar, i.e. classic white sugar;
  • refined flour, that is, premium flour.

These are exactly the two most harmful products. By eliminating them or at least minimizing their use, you can be most pleasantly surprised at your reflection in the mirror in just 3-4 weeks.

Towards perfect skin. List of foods to help get rid of acne

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The most effective tools for skin rejuvenation and struggle with acne

Now let's move on to the list of foods that are recommended to be included in the menu to keep your skin clean, young and beautiful.

Green leafy vegetables

This is one of the best tools for preventing acne formation and the breakdown of collagen, a protein that provides skin strength and elasticity. All green vegetables contain chlorophyll, which increases the amount of procollagen, the intracellular precursor of collagen. Chlorophyll has antioxidant properties against UV rays and free radicals, which prevents premature aging. Green leafy vegetables and aromatic herbs normalize the digestive tract, and this is the basis for the purity and health of the skin.

Citrus fruits and kiwi

Vitamin C, which is in them contained, acts as a binding component for amino acids, which are needed for the formation of proline. It is a necessary substance at the stage preceding the formation of collagen itself. In addition, vitamin C protects against toxins in the environment and, accordingly, prevents the appearance of all kinds of rashes.

Towards perfect skin. List of foods to help get rid of acne

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They contain antioxidantsthe anticancer substance lycopene, which protects the skin from sun damage. It also stimulates collagen synthesis and improves skin immunity. The result is clear, radiant skin.


This product contains vitamin E, which helps prevent collagen breakdown in the body. In addition, avocados contain fats that are beneficial for skin cells. Avocado oil promotes collagen production and maintains healthy skin.

Towards perfect skin. List of foods to help get rid of acne

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Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries are sources of ellagic acid, which the body needs to prevent collagen from breaking down from UV rays. Also, this acid optimizes metabolism. Consequently, there will be several times less decay products and toxins that the skin has to excrete as the main excretory organ!

Pumpkin seeds

This is a plant source rich in zinc which stimulates collagen synthesis. Foods containing zinc also slow down the rate of protein breakdown. Zinc also helps speed up the healing process, which is essential for healthy skin.

Towards perfect skin. List of foods to help get rid of acne


Drinking water

And, of course, in conclusion I would like to say about the most important element against acne and other skin imperfections. This is pure water. Keep in mind that hydration levels are an important factor in skin health. Easy rule of thumb: remember at least one glass of pure water or water with lemon in the morning and 20-30 minutes before each meal.

Change Your Diet, Clear Your Acne

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