Tour to the UEFA Champions League final. How to get there on a budget and where to stay?

The most organized fans have already taken care of their dream football trip - to Madrid for the UEFA Champions League final. But there are those who did not think about it in advance or decided to go right now. For you, we have prepared the best life hacks on how to save your budget and not miss the battle of Liverpool and Tottenham on June 1.


The closer the significant date, the higher the cost of tickets and the lower the chance to book any a decent hotel room. Already now in the city it is difficult to find a room for less than 1000 euros per night.

The best option would be to search for an overnight stay in the neighboring cities. It is worth seeing in Avila, Cuenca, Sarcedilla, Segovia and Toledo. They found themselves out of the gaze of the fans, so prices went up there much less. For example, a room in Toledo will cost about 100-150 euros.

Take a closer look at the hostels, there are still some free beds in Madrid for 60-70 euros per day.


There are no more direct flights to Madrid from Moscow cheaper than 77 thousand rubles for the dates we need. We have to choose the lesser of two evils - we fly for 8 hours with a two-hour transfer in Rome for 15 thousand rubles, or we take a straight line for 15 thousand two days earlier.
It seems that the choice is obvious - extra days for walking around Spain will never hurt.

The situation is better with flights from St. Petersburg. The fastest flight lasts 6 hours, but you will have to pay over 30 thousand for a one-way flight.

Lifehack: Again, don't get hung up on Madrid. Pay attention to other cities. For example, on May 31, you can fly from Moscow to Barcelona for only 9 thousand. And the flight will last only about 6 hours. Moreover, you can spend the night in this beautiful city and get to the stadium on the day of the final.


For a local flavor experience the Spanish essence. For breakfast, residents prefer coffee with cookies, muffins or sweet rolls. Any lunch in Spain will consist of a large number of dishes - first, second and, of course, compote. But for dinner, they will limit themselves to soup or tapas (these are small snacks like canapes), which they will savor from 10 pm to midnight.

Don't forget to siesta

When calculating the time of your trip, do not forget about such an important element in Spanish life as siesta. At lunchtime, it is customary there not only to eat, but also to sleep. Although it is recommended to sleep no more than 20 minutes, the siesta break lasts 2-3 hours.

And the main life hack is esland you haven't done it yet, hurry up to buy tickets for the match itself, there are incredibly few of them left. Beware of scammers.

But even if you don’t get a ticket for the match, and it is likely that in such a short time it will become the most expensive part of the trip, it’s always nice to visit the city in the midst of football battles, to miss a pint of foam in a pub with real fans and go outside in the evening to celebrate the victory of your favorite team in the very epicenter of events.

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