Most Emotional and Dramatic Moments in All Sport History

Touching deeds in sports worthy of respect

It's great when in amateur and professional sports there is room for honest victories, humanity, respect for rivals and just nice and touching deeds. All this allows us to confidently state that sport is more than trials for medals, doping scandals and intrigues at the top. All this allows us to look at our favorite athletes and completely unfamiliar amateur athletes from a different angle.

In our selection, we have collected 7 kind and touching deeds in sports. What other moments come to your mind?

Matthew Rees during the London Marathon

The marathon is not just a race against time and the hardest endurance race. For most athletes, the main goal is to reach the end of the distance, because the body can fail at any moment, even in the last meters to the finish. During the London Marathon, runner Matthew Rees helped another runner, David Wyeth, to reach the finish line when he got sick.

Brother for brother

No one is immune from surprises on a marathon distance. Heat stroke, hypothermia, or a number of other force majeure events can happen to both an amateur and a professional. One of the most famous YouTube videos, even a few years later, is striking in its humanity. His brother helped triathlete Jonathan Brown to finish.

Domracheva's beautiful finish in Antholz

A touching episode took place in the final of the women's pursuit in Antholz. Daria Domracheva and Dorothea Wierer fought for silver throughout the last round. And at that moment, when the Italian turned into the home stretch, Domracheva's ski ran over Doro's stick. At that moment, Wierer dropped the stick, but did not stop and, with the last of her strength, rolled to the finish line. Daria, seeing the loss of her rival, emphatically dropped her hands and stopped the fight. As a result, Wierer finished second, and Domracheva remained third.

Novak Djokovic saved the boy from the rain

Djokovic's entrance to the court is always a small show. This time, a Serbian tennis player saved a boy serving balls from the rain. It turned out touching and funny, the audience appreciated and supported Novak with applause.

A date with Ovechkin

10-year-old baby Ann managed to do what many girls dream of. After all, she invited Alexander Ovechkin himself to dinner. One of the busiest and most famous hockey players of our day met his young fans on the ice arena. Young hockey player Ann was not taken aback and invited him to meet in the evening and eat sushi. Ovechkin could not refuse. At the meeting, he presented the girls with a bouquet of roses and handed over his uniform sweater with autographs of the team members.

Fair fight

Belarusian sambist Stepan Popov showed fair play at the European Games in Baku and did not continue to fight , deciding that it is more important to provide timely first aid to the opponent.

The last one at the finish

One of the most difficult marathons is Marathon des Sables. 250 km across the Sahara Desert. After 35 hours on the way, at the finish line, they meet the last of the starters. All bRunners and locals lined up in the hall of honor and greeted the amateur athlete with a loud and prolonged ovation.

Go in for sports and do good things!

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