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Top 7 Prohibited Foods That Hinder Perfect Abs

Almost everyone who regularly visits the gym wants not only to lose weight, but also to acquire a beautiful and inflated body: slender legs, a thin waist and, of course, a relief press. But you can't achieve cubes by training alone. It is important to remember that what you eat also influences their formation. Fitness blogger Igor Voitenko spoke about seven foods that you need to exclude from the diet if you want to buy a relief and beautiful abs.


The first prohibited product that prevents the press from occurring is the cookie. And absolutely anything, even oatmeal. Despite the fact that the latter is made from oatmeal, which is not a junk food, it is very high in calories. In 100 grams (that's about 3-4 pieces), about 437 calories. In addition, it contains a lot of fat and sugar. To burn them, you will need to work for hours in the hall. And, of course, such high-calorie food contributes to the formation of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen, which significantly hinders the acquisition of abs.

Top 7 Prohibited Foods That Hinder Perfect Abs

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Fast food

The next enemy of the perfect press is fast food. The calorie content of a hamburger is 264 calories per 100 grams, and a trip to a fast food cafe usually does not do with one burger. Such food contains a lot of fats and carbohydrates, which our body does not digest well and immediately deposits into subcutaneous fat. In addition to harming the figure, fast food has a detrimental effect on health. It promotes the formation of cancer cells and blood clots in blood vessels. If you want to maintain both your abs and good health, then it is better to give up this junk food right away.

Sugary drinks

One of the most harmful foods for your figure. These drinks contain a huge amount of sugar, which makes them very high in calories. For example, 0.8 liters of Coca-Cola has about 340 empty calories. That is, using them, you will not feel satiety and will still remain hungry. This can also include juices, especially store juices. They contain more sugar than vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Best used freshly squeezed.

Top 7 Prohibited Foods That Hinder Perfect Abs

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White bread

It is harmful for the formation of the press in that it does not have fiber, because it goes through many stages of processing before being on the counter in the store. Because of this, white bread also becomes high-calorie (100 grams of the product contains about 250 calories). When you eat it, insulin is released in your body. It is he who contributes to the complete stop of fat burning. For the figure, and for health in general, it will be more useful to use black or brown bread.


Another high-calorie and very harmful product is alcohol, especiallyabout beer (it affects the formation of the press more harmful than all other alcoholic beverages). First, when consumed, the metabolism slows down, so the food immediately begins to be poorly absorbed. Food that was eaten before drinking alcohol, during and after, will not be digested, but will begin to be deposited as subcutaneous fat in the abdomen. Secondly, alcohol helps to lower testosterone. The body will begin to release a hormone to break down muscles. The fat burning process will also be stopped.

The calorie content of alcoholic beverages is very high: there are 7 calories per gram of product. This is twice as much as in sugary drinks.

Top 7 Prohibited Foods That Hinder Perfect Abs

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The next product on the list is pizza. It should be said right away about its calorie content: one slice of pizza contains about 250 calories. A large amount of carbohydrates and heavy-to-digest fats contribute to the formation of subcutaneous fat, which will not be easy to burn. This will require several hours of stubborn physical activity in the gym. You can replace a slice of pizza with healthier foods that contain about the same amount of calories, but do not do as much harm to your figure and health. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Top 7 Prohibited Foods That Hinder Perfect Abs

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Our top is closed by everyone's favorite chips (and croutons ). They are very high in fat as they are fried in oil. Because of this, chips are not only high in calories (about 536 calories per 100 grams), but also very harmful to the stomach. When consumed regularly, they contribute to the formation of subcutaneous fat both in the abdomen and throughout the body. Despite their pleasant taste, chips and crackers can lead to negative consequences for the body (including the appearance of many diseases).

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