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Top 5 unsuccessful running gear options

It's great if you are just starting to run and have recently made the first lap in the park or stadium near your house. Of course, in this case, in order to get started, both ordinary sneakers and sweatpants, which are successfully used for trips to the country, are suitable. But what if your goal is a half marathon or a serious race?

Top 5 unsuccessful running gear options


Before you head out to the store for new equipment, be sure to read our stop list and don't make any mistakes that will lead to discomfort while running. So let's figure out together what is NOT worth going out.

Leggings for fitness

Don't: Of course, any self-respecting consultant of a sports store easily explain to you the difference in leggings for running and for fitness or yoga. In fact, yoga leggings can be too loose and not tight enough, and those legendary fitness leggings with a push-up effect will be ideal only for selfies, and certainly not for overcoming the first 10 km or even a half marathon.

Right: Give preference to special running tights. This is a type of leggings adapted for running. They exert a compressive effect on the most working muscles (quadriceps, calves). In other words, the muscles under them are more mobilized and less susceptible to microtrauma, and they recover faster. Unlike regular leggings, running tights:

  • made of compression hosiery;
  • absorb moisture better;
  • support muscles and ligaments.

When choosing, it is worth considering that tights are different in length and density.

Top 5 unsuccessful running gear options

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Sneakers and trainers for training

Do not: go to the race in the first sneakers that come to hand. And here we are not even talking about the fact that the right sports shoes can significantly improve your athletic performance. The fact is that if you decide to make jogging and running an important part of your life, you should take a responsible approach to the training process, to nutrition issues, and, of course, to the selection of equipment.

How to do it: You can only run in specially designed shoes. In a nutshell, it should be lightweight, with a shock-absorbing sole, without a large drop between heel and toe. Select the size in such a way that there is still some margin of space between the toes and the toe, that is, not end-to-end. Also, decide what surface you are going to run on - this is also important to consider when choosing a new pair of shoes.

Top 5 unsuccessful running gear options

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Not a sports bra

Don't: Regular bras or tops do not provide the necessary support, so we advise girls to approach the issue of fitting equipmentespecially carefully. In general, if you have a sports bra with a good fit, it will work for you too.

Good: The same requirements apply to a running bra. bras for intense workouts in the gym: high support, wide straps, elastic band at the bottom.

High-mileage sneakers

How not to: train with your loved ones sneakers until they fall apart.

How to: Shoes need to be changed in time, until they lose their properties and begin to cause harm. One way to find out if your shoe is suitable for running is to test the material in the midfoot. To do this, remove the insole and press the material in the middle with your thumbs into the sole. In new sneakers, this material is stubborn and resilient. If the foam has become soft, then it is no longer working. These shoes are not suitable for running, but you can just walk in them.

Top 5 unsuccessful running gear options


Warm sweatshirt or regular non-athletic T-shirt

Don't: Wearing a regular cotton T-shirt for a long distance, you risk sweating, getting wet, chilling and cooling too quickly.

Right: The jogging jersey must be made of special material. It is great if it has mesh inserts for additional ventilation in some areas. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the moisture-wicking and thermoregulatory functions.

Run for your pleasure, in the right outfit and get the most out of the process!

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