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Top 5 highest paid athletes

Watching endless expensive cars, real estate and exclusive costumes of famous athletes, you involuntarily wonder how much should be on your account in order to be able to afford the same? Every year they sign dozens of advertising contracts and agreements, receive royalties from clubs and profits from their own business.

We took a look at the Forbes rating and found out how much the top five highest paid athletes in the world earn on it at the end of 2018.

Floyd Mayweather

How much? $ 285 million
Advertising contracts: Hublot and Tequila Avion .

American boxer tops the Forbes top for the fourth time. The fight with Conor McGregor in 2017 became really cash - in 36 minutes of the fight Mayweather earned $ 275 million. Advertising contracts added another 10 million to this amount.

Lionel Messi

How much? $ 111 million
Advertising contracts: Adidas, Gatorade, Pepsi, Ooredoo, Huawei and Hawkers.

Messi finished last year's season as the top scorer in the top 5 European leagues. Back in November 2017, he extended his contract with Barcelona until 2021 and, under the new financial conditions, became the highest paid football player. Lionel received at least $ 27 million from advertising.

Top 5 highest paid athletes

Expensive vs cheap: how much do famous athletes cost?

Try to guess how many millions of idols spend while shopping.

Top 5 highest paid athletes

Time is money: top 5 most expensive watches on the hands of champions

That feeling when you carry a fortune on your arms.

Cristiano Ronaldo

How much? $ 108 million
Advertising contracts: Nike, Herbalife, EA Sports and American Tourister.

Cristiano not only continues to be the most popular athlete on social networks (153 million subscribers on Instagram), but also conquers the Forbes ratings. With a contract guaranteeing him $ 50 million in annual salary (plus bonuses), the footballer continues to partner with Nike and other brands. In addition, Ronaldo has his own signature CR7 brand. This brand produces clothing, lingerie, fragrances, hotels and restaurants.

Conor McGregor

How Much? $ 99 Million
Advertising Contracts: Burger King, Beats by Dre, Monster Energy, David August, BSN, Anheuser- Busch, HiSmile and Betsafe and a partnership with the Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino.

The Irishman is not far behind third place, although his main rival, Floyd Mayweather, is significantlyovertook him in earnings. Despite this, the fight with him brought McGregor $ 85 million, which is five times more than he received the maximum for fights before. Do not forget about the assets on the Internet, and about the trademarks under his name.

Top 5 highest paid athletes

The man in a million. How much do McGregor's whiskey and suits cost?

30 minutes in the ring vs 10 hours of shopping. Let's calculate how much his image costs Conor McGregor.


How much? $ 90 million
Promotional contracts: Nike, Red Bull, Gillette, McDonalds and Beats by Dre.

In 2017, the footballer signed an agreement with French PSG worth more than $ 600 million, 250 of which were received by Barcelona as compensation. The rest of the amount Neymar will receive as a salary for at least three more years.

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