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Tonya against everyone: in fact, everything was even tougher than in the film

Tonya Harding was one of the most famous figure skaters in America. She was the first to successfully complete the triple axel in the short program, as well as perform two triple axels in one competition. She was able to win the 1991 US Championship. But the most famous Tone brought a high-profile incident with Nancy Kerrigan , her rival on the ice. What really happened?

Since childhood, Harding began to show attention to figure skating. Even as a child, Tony did things that other girls did not. Each coach noted her great potential and desire to work. This was noticed by her parents, who wanted to use the girl as a source of enrichment. Lavona Golden, the figure skater's mother, never parted with cigarettes and alcohol, as is clearly shown in the film Tonya Against All, directed by Craig Gillespie.

Rivals on the edge

Tonya and Nancy have never been sworn enemies. They were complete opposites and did not hate each other. However, the skaters were tough rivals, and Harding decided to play dirty. She conspired with her husband Jeff Gillowly to get Kerrigan out of the competition. Initially, they wanted to kill the rival, but immediately dismissed this thought, as it would be too risky. Jeff enlisted the help of his friend Shane Stant to injure Nancy. In training before the competition, Nancy went off the ice to rest and soon received a blow to the leg with a telescopic baton from Shane. The skater was lying on the floor, crying and howling: Why me ?! Why?!.

Stant was unable to break her leg, but inflicted a severe injury, which prevented Nancy from taking part in the 1994 US Championship. Tonya Harding took first place.

Tonya could be left without the Olympics

However, the athlete was not happy for long: the police quickly found Stant, and he turned in Jeff and Tonya. At first she denied everything, and then admitted that she had heard about their plan, but did nothing. A huge scandal erupted, Harding was about to be removed from the Olympic Games, but Nike founder Philip Knight threatened the Olympic Committee with a court. Frightened by the court, they let the skater go to the Games. This fact is also not mentioned in the film.

Confrontation on ice: the final battle and investigation

At the 1994 Olympics, Tonya took eighth place, when Nancy, after a quick recovery, was able to take second, losing to Ukrainian Oksana Baiul. After the Olympics, the US Figure Skating Association conducted its own investigation into Tony's case and was able to prove her involvement in Nancy's injury. The athlete was sentenced to three years convovno, 500 hours of community service, life suspension and $ 160,000 in fines.

Oscar plot

In 2017, the film Tonya vs. All about the career of the former champion was shown at the Toronto Film Festival. Tonya Harding is played by Margot Robbie, and the skater's mother is Allison Jenny, who won an Oscar and Golden Globe for her supporting role.

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