Toning rope: a versatile exercise machine familiar from childhood

A jump rope is a compact and inexpensive equipment that is familiar to everyone from an early age. If as a child you jumped for fun, now you can combine pleasure with benefits for your figure and health. Jumping rope in the fresh air will help tone the body, gain energy and improve the functioning of the respiratory system. Here's everything you need to know for a successful workout.

Why is jumping rope effective?

Jumping rope is not only one of the most energy-intensive workouts and is great for losing weight, but also improves blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and increase endurance. This workout targets almost every muscle group, including the ankle muscles, which are not often involved in other exercises.

Toning rope: a versatile exercise machine familiar from childhood

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Strengthening the muscles of the foot and Achilles is very important to avoid injury from various sports. For example, skiing, figure skating, tennis and even running. In addition, jumping develops coordination and balance, which allows for better body control. Another advantage of the rope is its lightness: it is convenient to take it with you for training on the street and on trips.

Toning rope: a versatile exercise machine familiar from childhood

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How to choose an inventory?

There is many types of skipping ropes, differing in the material of the cable and handles. The best option for both beginners and professional athletes is a PVC rope with thin plastic handles. It will last long enough, it is comfortable to hold and adjust in length.

You can check if the length of the inventory suits you in the following way. Stand with your feet straight in the middle of the rope and pull it up. The handles should be just below shoulder height.

Toning rope: a versatile exercise machine familiar from childhood


Tips for a safe and productive workout

  • Don't forget to warm up. Jumping rope puts a lot of stress on the joints, so getting your body right for jumping is essential.
  • When pushing off, stretch your toes to keep your feet tight.
  • Keep your arms bent at a 90 ° angle and note that you must use the movement of the hand, not the shoulder, to twist the rope. Keep your elbows at waist level.
  • Land on your toes instead of full feet and soften your knees so as not to injure your ligaments.
  • Make sure your abs are tense and your back remains straight. Do not lift your shoulders or pinch your neck muscles.
  • Don't forget about breathing. Breathe through your nose evenly, without delay.
Toning rope: a versatile exercise machine familiar from childhood

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Technique of performing exercises

Regular single jumps jumping rope is the simplest, but very effective training option. If you want variety, alternate a few techniques. Do each type for a minute. Two or three series of 10 minutes a day will help you get visible results quickly. Gradually, the training time can be increased, and the rest between series can be reduced.

Single jumps

Stand up straight, take the rope in two hands. Cross it so that it is behind you. Use the brushes to roll the rope over your head and jump over it when it gets close to your toes. Jump at a comfortable pace. Try to jump as low and often as possible.

Toning rope: a versatile exercise machine familiar from childhood


Double jumps

From the starting position, push off the floor with your feet and simultaneously roll the rope over your head with your hands twice. Jump at a comfortable pace. For a double jump, you must jump as high as possible so that the hands have time to roll two turns.

Running in place

Make a jump from one leg to the other and at the same time use the brushes to roll the rope over your head. Jump over the rope when it gets close to the toes of your left or right foot. Jump at a fast pace.

Toning rope: a versatile exercise machine familiar from childhood

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Side to Side Jumping

With each rotation of the rope, jump not in one place, but from side to side a short distance. Jump at a comfortable pace.

Jumping on one leg

Repeat the technique of classic single jumps, but perform them on one leg. Remember to repeat the exercise on the other leg.

There are other equally effective exercises for keeping yourself in good shape. Choose the one that suits you and don't be lazy!

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