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To see Petersburg and die ... from happiness: foreign fans about the Northern capital

Before the World Cup, the world wondered: what to expect from Russia? Are bears in earflaps really roaming the streets there? So the time has come for foreign fans to come to us and see Russia with their own eyes.

Let's see how St. Petersburg responded.


Petersburg is a very beautiful city, no one doubts it. We saw, heard, admired. We don't know what foreigners heard about St. Petersburg before their arrival, but it seems that the Northern capital is beginning to fascinate them.

When you are in St. Petersburg, you must visit the Peterhof Palace. Russian wealth on a different level.

So, Petersburg is really the most beautiful city of everyone I have been to. It's frustrating that it's time to leave, but we are going on a real Russian adventure - to Moscow.

Hospitality and local atmosphere

Everyone has heard about the hospitality typical of Petersburgers. Fans from different countries are convinced from their own experience that friendly people are probably more common on the streets of the city than wild bears.

The Russians here in St. Petersburg are really nice people and ready to help. I don't know why the whole world is so insistently pretending that Russia is the default murder zone.

Wherever we go did not go, people want to take pictures with us. We get so much love from the locals, especially here in St. Petersburg, - write fans from South Africa.

Iran is also overwhelmed with the most positive emotions:

After a few crazy days, I attended the game. After 20 minutes, there were still unreal feelings. I wish you were all here. The weather is amazing and Russia is incredibly welcoming. In addition, the night does not even think to come.

By the way, white nights can surprise and conquer anyone. For example, a visitor to the Northern capital is perplexed: 3.20 nights in St. Petersburg. How do people sleep?

Of course, it was not without the traditional comparison of Petersburgers with Muscovites.

People in St. Petersburg are fundamentally different from Muscovites. They are smiling and very relaxed. I love the atmosphere of this beautiful city.


К We have been preparing for the World Cup long and hard to make the guests' stay in Russia as comfortable as possible. Efforts are paying off: foreign fans are pleasantly surprised.

I am traveling in the subway in St. Petersburg and cannot believe my own ears: translation into English. Not only the names of the stations themselves, but also information for fans. That only the World Cup does not make it possible in Russia ...

In St. Petersburg - drink

Just listen to what they say. Neither add nor subtract.

Add Petersburg to list A must-see before I die and when you come here forget about your diet, enjoy food and alcohol!

Peter is handsome, hospitable, smiling, tastes good. We knew that before, but , you see, it's nice when our neighbors are convinced of this.

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