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Tiptoe: how can you lose weight by walking on tiptoes?

When walking, we are used to leaning on our entire foot, and we only move on tiptoes when we need to move as carefully as possible. For example, in order not to wake anyone up. Meanwhile, scientists have found that regular toe walking has a powerful positive effect and even contributes to weight loss.

Here's how to walk to get rid of extra pounds.

Tiptoe: how can you lose weight by walking on tiptoes?

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How does a person walk?

A group of scientists from the American University of Utah studied the relationship between the position of the foot when walking and the energy expended. At the beginning of each step, the person places the heel on the floor and then transfers the weight to the toe. People inherited this type of movement from monkeys, which usually do not cover long distances on the ground. Moreover, in most mammals, the heel does not touch the surface during walking. For example, dogs and cats walk on their toes, while horses and deer walk on tiptoes.

Tiptoe: how can you lose weight by walking on tiptoes?

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According to the hypothesis of scientists, the ancient people retained this way of movement in order to save energy during long hunts on foot. After a study carried out by experts, this assumption was scientifically confirmed.

Which walking consumes more energy?

The experiment involved 27 volunteers - mostly athletes aged 20 to 40 years. Each subject walked and ran in three different ways:

  • landing the foot on the heel;
  • with the landing of the foot on the sole and a slightly raised heel;
  • with a toe landing and a strongly raised heel.

11 of the participants performed the task wearing special masks to control oxygen consumption. In addition, they walked on special plates that read the force with which a person presses on the ground when walking. Another 16 volunteers were hooked up to equipment that monitored the activity of the muscles involved in walking and running.

Tiptoe: how can you lose weight by walking on tiptoes?

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As a result of the study, the following results were recorded.

First, walking with the foot on the heel is the most energy-efficient movement option. This uses 53% less energy than walking on the pads of the fingers. Those who walked on tiptoe consumed 83% more energy than those who started walking on the heel.

Second, walking on the balls of the fingers increases the activity of the main muscles of the ankle, knee, hip and back .

Thirdly, when running, the difference in energy consumption depending on the method of placing the foot is minimal. Therefore, the standard way of human movement is economical onlywhen walking.

Tiptoe: how can you lose weight by walking on tiptoes?

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Why is this happening?

Scientists suggest that one of the reasons for the economical way of walking in humans is the unusual structure of the foot for mammals: a large calcaneus, a powerful and strong thumb located parallel to the index.

Tiptoe: how can you lose weight by walking on tiptoes?

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These features are typical of monkeys and provide the mechanical basis for energy-saving walking. At the same time, a person spends more energy for running than most other mammals. We are well equipped for long-distance running, but human sprint is lower than that of many animals. This is due to an energy-ineffective running style, explains study leader David Carrier, professor of biology.

What does this mean?

Study results from American and German scientists should help medical professionals , in particular when dealing with back pain. But the conclusions from this experiment also have practical applications. It turns out that walking on tiptoe helps burn calories faster, as well as strengthen the ankle, back, knees and hips.

Tiptoe: how can you lose weight by walking on tiptoes?

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Scientists from the United States discovered this back in 2016. Today their theory has many supporters.

Of course, you should not completely abandon the usual way of moving. However, walking on toes every day for five minutes will strengthen the muscles involved in walking, and at the same time get rid of excess calories and get closer to the desired figure.

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