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TikTok fitness: 7 bloggers to help build your figure

We have already written about fitness bloggers on Instagram and YouTube. Now let's tell you who you should follow on TikTok. In this collection of seven professionals who will put together a personal training program for you in 30 seconds.

Diana Sonina

Nickname: @soninadiana

Diana is one of the most famous fitness bloggers on TikTok. More than 365 thousand people have subscribed to her page. She talks about proper nutrition and records video workouts that you can do at home. The programs from the blog are suitable for both advanced fitness enthusiasts and beginners.

The blogger will tell you how to pump up your buttocks if your knees hurt, or how to protect yourself and avoid mistakes when doing exercises. Diana also runs marathons: seven rollers for each day of the week for a specific muscle group, for example, to tighten the hips or stomach. And every Monday at 16:30 (Moscow time) training sessions take place live.

Anatoly Goryachev

Nick: @sistimatela

This workout is for sure guys will appreciate. Anatoly will help build muscle without steroids, teach you how to pull up correctly and do different exits on the horizontal bar. And he will also throw a couple of interesting ideas for challenges to everyone who is tired of the usual push-ups and planks. In addition to videos with exercises, the blog has video answers to questions from subscribers and analysis of mistakes that beginners often make. In February, trainer Goryachev launched a 60 hot days body transformation marathon. The results can already be seen in his profile.

TikTok fitness: 7 bloggers to help build your figure

Games on the horizontal bar. Exercises for those who want to compete with friends

It will not be boring for sure in training.

Anastasia Kobtseva

Nick: @kobtsevaaaa

Nastya is a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. She has developed flexibility and stretching since childhood, and now helps others to develop muscles. Safe and pain free. Her blog includes not only stretching, but also exercises for pumping up, endurance and humorous sketches on the topic of sports. In addition, Nastya teaches how to do various gymnastic tricks: stands, coups, rolls. This technique can be mastered not only by professionals, but also by amateurs if you practice hard and follow all the rules.

TikTok fitness: 7 bloggers to help build your figure

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Two years ago Sasha Selivanov weighed 113 kilograms and was afraid to squat.

Alexey Stolyarov

Nick: @ stoliarovaleksei

Famous YouTube blogger Alexey Stolyarov is mastering a newsite. And quite successfully. His TikTok page already has over 500 thousand subscribers. The theme is still the same - tricks and sports challenges. In addition to acrobatic elements, the blogger shows how to properly pump muscles, work on endurance and develop dexterity.

TikTok fitness: 7 bloggers to help build your figure

Challenge accepted: 5 challenging sports challenges from blogger Alexei Stolyarov

To repeat some of them is simply unrealistic!

Valeria Ten

Nickname: @tenva

Lera is a fitness mom. On her TikTok blog, she talks about how she managed to recover from childbirth and how to exercise at home with her baby. Lera created a page quite recently, but her video has already gained more than 11 thousand likes. In addition to exercise, she shares recipes for healthy, low-calorie meals.

TikTok fitness: 7 bloggers to help build your figure

How to avoid gaining weight during pregnancy? Safe workout for expectant mothers

Here's how to keep fit during a special period of life.

Anna Beautyfit

Nickname: @anna_beautyfit

Anya is a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer. Previously, she launched an author's course on nutrition and Pilates on Instagram, and now she is recording workouts on TikTok. The blog also has helpful recipes and answers to questions from subscribers. Thanks to her video, you will learn how you can replace sweets when losing weight, how to make a fitness elastic band yourself, what exercises help to reduce the waist, and much more.

Alina Charova

Nick: @alinacharova

Model Alina Charova blogs about fashion, nutrition and fitness. She tells what the girls on the runway eat and how they keep fit. In addition to workouts, Alina records videos on how to correct posture, preserve youth and health of skin and hair. She also makes video stories about comic situations that she encountered while working as a model.

how i eat EVERYTHING i want 😎and don't gain weight (& have abs lol)

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