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Thought I was going to die: how a 227-kilogram man lost weight

For a long time, American Zach Moore from Florida weighed over 220 kg. But even such a figure on the scales did not really bother him, and he continued not to deny himself anything. One day, Moore was in the hospital due to an upset stomach, after which he decided to radically change his life. For a week he suffered from severe vomiting, as a result of which he lost 27 kg. This marked the beginning of his weight loss story.

Thought I was going to die: how a 227-kilogram man lost weight

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Pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs are the basis of the diet

Almost all his life, a man ate fast food. On the day, he could eat pizza, four McMuffins with an egg, a couple of hamburgers, a few servings of fries and hot dogs. Moreover, Zak also necessarily washed down junk food with six liters of sweet soda. Obviously, such a diet can not only cause obesity, but also cause serious stomach problems.

Thought I was going to die

When Zak was admitted to the hospital, his health deteriorated so much that he even recorded a farewell video to his wife and son. The man realized how much obesity affects the body, and really doubted that he could survive. However, I decided to make every effort to lose weight. Even young Moore - at that time he was 33 years old - did not want his son to be left without a father.

Thought I was going to die: how a 227-kilogram man lost weight

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Rigid diet and seven-hour surgery

After Zach was discharged from the hospital, he began to completely change his lifestyle and, first of all, his diet. By giving up beef, pork and carbohydrates, the man was able to lose weight up to 177 kg in a few months.

The American decided to have gastric bypass surgery. The operation was difficult and lasted seven hours. But thanks to her, by 2015, the man lost another 100 kg. Due to the sharp weight loss, Zach's skin sagged a lot, which interfered with training and caused significant discomfort. Then Moore underwent another operation, during which he removed excess skin with a total weight of about 5 kg.

Thought I was going to die: how a 227-kilogram man lost weight

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The blogger got rid of 140 kg of excess weight in two years and 7 kg of sagging tissue in nine hours.

New life

Now the man is engaged in farming. He breeds ducks, chickens, goats and lhorses. Moore also grows vegetables on his own, which he uses in his diet - beans, tomatoes and cabbage. And Zak refused products containing soy, wheat and sugar.

By the way , the man managed to get in shape without strenuous physical exertion. There was no gym near his house, he said. Proper nutrition helps him keep fit.

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