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This is the bomb: in Russia they started selling tours to North Korea

North Korea is the most isolated country of our time, which provides travelers with the opportunity to feel like a completely different world. For the first time in Russia, an official travel agency has opened that sells tours for everyone who wants to forget for a few days what civilization is and lose contact with the outside world (North Korea has no Internet and cellular communication!).

В Our selection contains the top 5 must-see places.

Goryeo Museum

The museum shows the history of the Goryeo period. Its total area is 20 thousand square meters. m. It consists of 12 main and 6 auxiliary buildings. On the territory of the museum complex, you can also find unique plants, such as ginkgo biloba and zelkova, which are already 1000 years old and they are natural relics and are protected by the state.

Mount Myohyang

Mount Myohyang is one of the five famous mountains of Korea. According to legend, these mountains were the home of the ruler of Tangun, the ancestor of the Korean people. In 2009, UNESCO declared Mount Myohyang a World Biosphere Reserve.

Do not forget to bring your trail running shoes so that the climbs and descents do not interfere with the beautiful views, in the absence of Instagram you will have to capture pictures in memory.

Pyongyang Metro

Construction of the Pyongyang Metro began in 1968. This is one of the deepest metro systems in the world: the depth of the tracks is from 20 to 100 meters, which makes it possible to use the metro as a bomb shelter. All stations have names that are not tied to the locality in any way - the only case among all subways in the world. The stations are named after certain holidays or the basic principles of Juche.

Woljeong Buddhist Temple

This Buddhist structure is a prominent representative of the traditional Korean style in architecture and construction. The temple complex consists of the main building - the Kykrakbo pavilion, the Manse and Menbu pavilions, the Suvor pavilion and other auxiliary structures.

Mount Moran

Mount Moran is located in the central part of Pyongyang and is called the garden of the capital ... On weekends and holidays - a place for local residents to walk and, accordingly, a point of attraction for tourists.

Inside Pyongyang: rare state-guided tour of North Korea | 60 Minutes Australia

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