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They said my body was not for the podium. Gigi Hadid on early career bullying

Today Gigi Hadid is one of the most sought-after models in the world, which all designers tear with their hands for their shows. Her face constantly appears on the covers of fashion magazines. The girl is also popular among the younger generation: more than 53 million people have subscribed to her instagram.

Hadid has become an example for many. She not only does her main job, but also speaks openly about health problems. She has Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune thyroid disorder that can cause depression, fatigue, and weight gain. The girl also defends the rights of Muslims, because her father is a Palestinian. In addition, Gigi defends women's freedoms and helps children with the international organization Unicef. The model and activist are loved not only in the fashion world, but also outside it, admiring her kindness and responsiveness.

They said my body was not for the podium. Gigi Hadid on early career bullying

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People were cruel and said that my body was not suitable for the catwalk

There are also those who criticize Gigi. At the beginning of her career, there were designers who considered her too curvy and not suitable for model standards. Her rounded buttocks and hips, lush breasts were not needed by anyone at fashion shows.

In addition, as a teenager, the girl was seriously involved in volleyball, so her body was quite fit and relief. Hadid was the captain of the team and wanted to connect her future life not with walking on the podium and photo shoots, but with professional sports. But the real path to fame, according to the model, was paved by the French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, who was not afraid to demonstrate her attractive figure.

Gaultier was the first designer who let me out on the catwalk in Paris. At that time I was still at the beginning of my career, I had just finished school, I had the body of a volleyball player. The body that I loved. How much work it cost me all those muscles and curves! I miss them now. But at that time people were cruel to me, they said that my body was not suitable for the podium.

And Jean-Paul not only let me out on the catwalk in 2015, but also put on an outfit that did not cover much. I and other designers were involved in their shows, but at the same time wrapped up from head to toe. Jean-Paul wanted me to shine on the catwalk, for me, a young model, it meant a lot, ”Hadid said in a recent interview with iD Magazine.

They said my body was not for the podium. Gigi Hadid on early career bullying

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I used to like Gigi's body, but now she is not the same

This is not the first time Hadid mentions the unfair treatment. Having already become famous, she still received derogatory comments on Instagram about her weight and appearance. Only if at the beginning of her career she was hinted that she was not thin enough, now the stream of hatred pours out due to being too thin.

Almost everything bad that they write to me on the Internet is just nonsense, but she's all it can also hurt. Now many people say: I used to like Gigi's body, but now she is not the same. But I'm not so skinny because I made concessions to the industry. I was proud of my body when I had a more athletic figure. Then I played great volleyball, went in for horse riding. But when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, I had to switch to a healthy diet and exercise. When I was a teenager, it was very unusual, because all my friends could eat at McDonald's without any consequences.

If I could choose, I would like to return the ass and breasts that I had a couple of years ago. But there is no point in remembering the past and regretting. I loved my body then and I love my new body too. I understand that my body will grow and change, but whatever they are, it will still be beautiful, ”Gigi said in an interview with Harper's Bazzar in 2018.

Gigi endured adversity at the beginning of her career and was rewarded with a meeting with a designer who liked her figure. The girl calmly perceives the bullying and now, rightly pointing out that if you are insulted, it is not because something is wrong with you. On the contrary, something is wrong with those who do it.

They said my body was not for the podium. Gigi Hadid on early career bullying

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New changes: Gigi Hadid spoke about pregnancy

Gigi's body will change dramatically in the coming months, because she recently talked about her pregnancy. I am getting older, I want to start a family one day and I don't know if I will always work as a model. I love the creative side of fashion and it is satisfying. I work with people who make me happy. But who knows, maybe one day I'll be a full-time housewife! ”Hadid says.

Well, even if Gigi ends her modeling career, she certainly won't be lost. Her creative nature is constantly giving out a mountain of different ideas, be it her own clothing lines, or wedding designs, or something else. She is a punchy girl and is able to realize herself not only in the modeling business.

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