'We are in love with Russia': Sons of Brazil’s most famous football fan on World Cup experience

They didn't expect this. What do foreign fans say about Russia?

During the 2018 World Cup, videos about Russia and the destroyed perceptions of foreigners began to gain popularity on YouTube. It turned out that many fans refused to come to our country because of the horror stories told by foreign media. However, those who ventured on this trip did not regret it. We have collected five channels with the most interesting impressions of foreigners from Russia.


This is the channel of 17-year-old Briton Theo about football. Together with his father, he went to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. In one of their videos, the British talked about the trip and the myths broadcast by the English media, which, after a two-week stay in the country, seem funny to them.

What's going on?

This is a talk show about high-profile events from the field of politics, society and mass culture. For three weeks, the video Foreigners told the whole truth about the World Cup in Russia, published on a channel with 14 thousand subscribers, gained 3.3 million views. The bloggers found out from guests from different countries what their expectations were from the trip.


Channel about travel and foreigners. In the 2018 World Cup video, the author interviews fans from France, Egypt, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica. They made sure that it is safe in our country, and the Russians are responsive people.

Cool Travel Videos

From the name you can guess that this channel most often appears in travel videos. There you can find a whole series of videos about Russia during the World Cup. The author says that our country pleasantly surprised him.


And again a channel about football, this time German. Its authors travel, watch and analyze matches, perform tricks and challenges. In one video, they test stereotypes about Russia and do what they think all fans should do during the World Cup.

The USA Actually WILL Be At The World Cup!

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