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There is nothing to hide: what modern Arab girls look like without hijabs

There is a widespread belief that Arab women have few rights and many responsibilities. Until recently, it was impossible to imagine them without the traditional hijab. And in beautiful and not too long dresses - generally nonsense. But the situation began to change. Some Arab countries now allow girls to attend football matches. Of course, it looks crazy to us that they couldn't afford this before, but believe me, this is a significant progress in expanding opportunities for Arab ladies.

Easing of restrictions also affected the wearing of the hijab. Popular bloggers from the Arab world show how they live a normal life, go in for sports, eat healthy food, keep fit and do not even hesitate to wear bright dresses.

There is nothing to hide: what modern Arab girls look like without hijabs

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Design and architecture specialist Fatima Almomen from Kuwait is one of the popular Arab bloggers. She is called the influencer with the perfect wardrobe. The charming Fatima is consistently included in various lists of the most stylish celebrities.

The girl carefully monitors her figure and conducts training wherever she has an opportunity. And on the beach next to palm trees it is especially nice to do it.

Despite the fact that Fatima left her native Kuwait to study at the University of Miami, she continues to actively root for her national football team. In general, she is actively interested in sports and knows, in particular, the star of PSG and the Brazilian national team Neymar.

Fatima proves that modern Arab girls look great without hijabs, while retaining a unique oriental flavor and not going beyond decent.

Fauz al Fahad

Another popular Arab girl, Fauz al Fahad, with more than 3 million followers, is campaigning for a healthy diet full of vegetables. And she recommends drinking everything with a glass of water with a slice of orange and lemon.

There is nothing to hide: what modern Arab girls look like without hijabs

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There is nothing to hide: what modern Arab girls look like without hijabs

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At the same time, Fauz does not advise girls to limit themselves in general in everything. Sometimes you can indulge in delicious and slightly unhealthy desserts, which can include ice cream and Belgian waffles.

Obviously, a few cakes do not prevent Fauz from keeping himself in great shape and feeling elegant in beautiful black dresses at social events.

It also helps to get married successfully. At the wedding on Fauz there were a lot of very, very expensive jewelry, the total amount of which exceeded 60 million rubles. Modern Arab girls know how to live beautifully.

Ravan bin Hussein

Perhaps Ravan bin Hussein is the main rising star of the Arab world among girls. She has 4.5 million Instagram subscribers, has been featured with the best photographers in Europe and the United States, takes part in advertisements and various talk shows.

The foreign press calls her Brooke Shields from Kuwait - this is where the girl comes from. However, now Ravan lives in London, where she successfully completed her law degree.

These popular girls are a great example of how the world is changing. We already knew that Arab girls are beautiful, and with the help of bloggers, even more people will learn about it. Sports, health, and you can look great too!

There is nothing to hide: what modern Arab girls look like without hijabs

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There is nothing to hide: what modern Arab girls look like without hijabs

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