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There is no winner in you without aggression: 10 thoughts from Fyodor Smolov

Fedor Smolov undoubtedly conquers this world championship not only with his attractiveness, but also with his gorgeous play on the field. In our material, we have collected for you the most motivating thoughts of a football player, which make him move forward every day and give all his best at all matches.

It is important to believe yourself , and not someone else's opinion. When you don't ask, you can do anything.

I don't remember the last time I went to the game and nothing hurt me. When you are a professional athlete, you constantly feel some kind of physical pain.

When I was 20, I thought like this: I’ll go to have fun after training, and sleep on the weekend after the game. It happened once, twice, three times. Fatigue accumulated, I went to the game and thought: why am I not running? The bottom line is that you can't help but sleep, walk, eat everything and live healthy. At least it's definitely not about me.

I tried never to lie to my father, and he tried not to punish me. This continues to this day.

Fabio Capello told me one important thing: Work and never feel sorry for yourself. I remember these words when I give up.

Without aggression, you have no character of a winner, but aggression can be cultivated.

Tattoos are self-expression , this is a protest. And from the point of view of psychology, this is a subconscious desire to punish oneself for something, because a tattoo is inflicting pain on oneself. But I am for people to express themselves.

Parental love is absolute: There is nothing higher and purer than this love, therefore it is so important to find a compromise and not destroy the relationship with the parents.

If you can distract yourself and abstract yourself from everything that happens, fully concentrate , to surrender to training, it is much better than starting to think, get upset and worry about any reason.

I never use hair gel.

Quotes are taken from Fyodor Smolov's official Instagram account, interviews for the Evening Urgant program, interviews for Esquire magazine (June 2017) and for Men's Health magazine (June 2018). Authors' vocabulary and punctuation have been preserved.

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